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Heart Recaptured

By:Tillie Cole

-blessed crucifix to pry her perfect pins apart. But that right there would be the holy fuckin’ grail of sweet pussies!

My teeth dragged along my bottom lip as I pictured her gorgeous damn face, and those tits… Mmm… I could almost taste her on my tongue.

“Ky!” Beauty shouted in exasperation, snapping me out of my fantasy. “Can’t you answer the damn question without all the sex shit! You’re such a pig!”

“Calm the fuck down, bitch. No, they haven’t come down from the apartment yet. They’re still holed up, watching from their window thinking we’re all the devil’s men waiting to drag their pilgrim asses to hell.”

AK laughed. “Then they’d be right.”

Beauty sighed and looked toward the door that led up to Styx’s apartment. “Poor things. Can you imagine being ripped from all you know and dumped here, of all places? They must be so scared.”

I shrugged. “Mae coped with it and she was on her own. They just need to toughen the fuck up.”

Beauty looked me in the eye, eyelids drawn and lips pursed. “Mae chose to leave that fucked-up cult. She wanted out. Those two bitches upstairs were abused their whole life but never wanted to leave. Then y’all storm in, guns blazing, kill the man they believed was a god, dragged them here against their will, threw them into a rape van of all things, and you expect them to get used to it?” Beauty was in full song. “Those two are never gonna get this life. They ain’t cut out for outlaw living. Question is, what the hell will happen to them if they leave us? Where the fuck would they go? What would they do?”

None of us said shit to that. If the sisters left, Mae would fall apart, and Styx weren’t gonna let that happen for nothing. For now, whether they kept themselves hidden or not, the two bitches were staying put. No question. And I wasn’t complaining. If it meant I kept getting glimpses of the hottest bitch I’d ever seen, I was good with it… and so was my ten-inch cock.

The sounds of high-pitched giggling drifted toward us, and when I looked behind Tank and Beauty, Tiff and Jules—my go-to sluts, the famous lickin’ twins—were fast approaching. These two bitches did everything together, and I mean everything. Adding me into the mix, well, that just equaled a fuckin’ good time.

“Ky, baby,” Tiff trilled and grinned.

Beauty sighed in exasperation. She rolled her eyes and tapped Tank on his chest. “Our cue to go, babe.”

Tank signaled good-bye with his hand, and AK and Smiler sauntered off to the party by the pool table. Holding out my hands, I pulled the two blond bitches into my chest and groaned when Jules’s hand immediately went to my zipper and brushed against my stiff cock.

Tiff’s mouth was at my ear and she whispered, “You up for some fun, baby? We’re feeling real horny.”

Taking her hand, I laid it on top of Jules’s and whispered, “Do these hard ten inches feel like I’m up for it?”

The dirty bitch licked her red lips and began leading me off the barstool and into the hallway that led to my private room. Within ten minutes, I was flat on my back, spread eagle, my dick being ridden by Tiff while Jules rode my face.

I fuckin’ love my life!

Chapter Two


“Maddie! I just cannot take it anymore! That… that… music! It is the devil’s doing, I tell you. The devil! Have you heard the lyrics? They are sinful, vile, hedonistic! And my ears! My ears are bleeding because of the ridiculous volume of it!”

I shifted my eyes to a silent and pensive Maddie who was sitting on her bed, her arms wrapped around her curled-up legs as I paced the dark hardwood floor. “Where is Mae? I must speak with her at once!”

Maddie sighed in exasperation and gazed longingly out of the single window of our small apartment—the one we never ever left apart from to go to do our daily prayers by the river, escorted by Mae. Styx’s apartment was above this so-called “biker club” in which we were incarcerated, The Hades Hangmen, whatever on Earth that was.

What I did know was it was a living hell in which we had been forced to exist after being ripped from our home, ripped from all we knew: the commune. The Order. The Lord’s Prophet. We belonged with God’s Chosen Ones. It was the only way to claim our salvation from being born of the devil, born as sinful seductresses. Instead, we had been plucked from our people and dropped into this den of evil. We did not know what had happened to our people, after these so-called Hangmen had fired on our brothers and sisters. They killed our prophet! All this just a few short weeks ago.

I hate it here. Hated every single thing about it: the daily sinful acts of debauchery taking place downstairs in that louche bar, the violence I witnessed, the guns, and especially the men. Especially… him. Ky. The Hades Hangmen whore. The man who grinned at me whenever in my presence, licking his lips in that absurdly salacious way.

He made my skin shiver. He might be beautiful on the outside, all long blond hair and crystal-blue eyes, but he had a corrupted soul.

He cannot be trusted… None of them could be trusted.

“She is with Styx. She is always with Styx, Lilah,” Maddie said tiredly, pulling me free from thinking about that loose, wayward rake.

Stomping to my bed, I dropped down to its mattress and threw myself backward until my whole body lay flat on the black silk linen.

“Why does she embrace this life, Maddie? Why does she smile and laugh, join carnally with her Styx, while all we can do is feel utter despair at our situation? Why do we waste away here, locked in this cell of a room, day after day after day? We are condemned to hell, here, Maddie… to hell!”

Maddie gradually drew her gaze to me and laid her cheek upon her knee. She stared at me with a wistful expression. “Because she has fallen in love, Lilah. She has found the missing piece of her soul within Styx.”

Sighing and casting me a watery smile, she added, “We should all pray to the Lord that we shall be as equa