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Heart Recaptured

By:Tillie Cole

completely smashed!”

I threw my arm around Styx’s shoulders as we headed down the hill to our bikes, hurrying to get the fuck away from this burning slice of redneck hell!

An hour later, we rolled into the compound, the place already brimming with pussy. Jumping off my bike, I turned to my brothers.

“Let’s get fucked up! There’s more club slut pussy coming tonight than I can manage. I only got ten fingers and one monster cock; can’t satisfy them all!”

“Though you’d give it a fuckin’ try!” AK shouted back at me, heading to the club.

A chorus of laughter roared out and all the brothers rushed inside to pick their slut and poison. Flame headed to the back of the garage, blade in hand, off to be the crazy fuckin’ guard dog he’d been for weeks.

I walked up to Styx and slapped him on his back. “You joining us tonight, brother?”

He shook his head, his dark hair falling in front of his face. “G-going for a-a r-ride with M-Mae.”

I playfully whistled low. “Fuck, man, not again! Stay here, drink, get fucked up. You don’t have to piss off with your bitch every time we party.”

Styx glared at me. “Sh-she’s still learning h-how to be on the outside w-w-world. It’s t-too mu… much.”

Styx was talking about how Mae still knew little but a life in the commune. Some serious old-school pilgrim way of life. She was still adjusting to how life worked out here on the outside and Styx was slowly teaching her.

“Fine.” I sighed as Styx reached into his pocket and pulled out a smoke. A question suddenly came to mind. “You’re wrapping up when you fuck Mae, yeah? Things are going to shit of late for us here at the club and we don’t need more problems.”

Styx stilled and his eyes snapped to mine. I got it; no one talked shit about Mae and she was never a problem. The fucker was insane over the bitch. She was fuckin’ hot, all long black hair and stunning wolf eyes that the brother was crazy about. Styx was obsessed with her. Fuckin’ lived and died for her. Was no way I’d ever be that way over a piece of pussy.

My old man’s words of wisdom came straight to mind: Pussies are to be licked good and fucked hard—never worshipped.

I held up my hands and backed off. “Hey, just checking no little Styxs are gonna be running around my feet anytime soon. I ain’t ready to be an uncle yet, and with the amount of fucking you two been doing, I’m just making sure.”

Styx shrugged, ignoring me, and my eyes narrowed in suspicion. “You ain’t using protection are you, dumb fuck?”

Styx’s jaw clenched and he said, “N-no. A-and if she gets p-p-pregnant, good. I wanna o-own my b-bitch in every way. I w-want her to h-have my k-k-kid.”

My mouth dropped open and I threw back my head, laughing. “Fuck, Styx! Knocking her up before marriage. You’ve taken some extreme religious cult princess, brought her into being the Hangmen prez’s old lady, so basically the top-of-the-crop of all the bitches under this roof, and to finish it off, you could get her knocked up before she gets a ring on her finger.”

Styx’s eyes tightened, his face remaining stoic, which only served to give me more reason to die laughing. “My man, you earn the right to wear the devil on your back. You have completely corrupted the bitch! If she weren’t going to hell before, she’s sure as fuck going now!”

Styx lunged forward, right fist clenched, just as the bar door opened. A second later, Mae came through and Styx backed up some, shooting me a pissed-off glance that told me I’d be paying for that comment later.

“Hello, Ky,” Mae greeted, all ladylike and proper in her weird old world accent, as she walked over to Styx. He reached out for her hand and pulled her into his arms, fisted her black hair, and brought her mouth to his, flicking me his middle finger behind her back.

The guy had been crazy about the bitch before she was kidnapped by Rider, but since he’d gotten her back, he’d made her his property, given her a patch with his name on the back, and hadn’t let her out of his sight for even a second. In fact, they were locked in his room so damn much, I was sure he spent more time fucking her than breathing.

“Well, now that you’ve made this whole situation fuckin’ awkward, I’m gonna get shit-faced,” I said sarcastically, squeezing past the two of them as Styx groaned and began backing her up against the wall.

Leaving Mae and Styx alone, I walked into the bar, holding up my hands in the air as Zeppelin blasted through the stereo and the smell of sweet pussy filled my nose.

“Hookers, drop your panties and wet those cunts. Your fuckin’ sex God has finally arrived!”

Sluts swarmed around me like flies on shit, giggling and pawing at my dick as my brothers held up their drinks. I headed straight to the bar and the prospect poured the source. Before I even sat down, a glass of Jack was shoved in my hand.

AK and Smiler sat to my right and left, grabbing some sluts and pushing them down on their laps. AK watched Viking working two sluts and laughed at his shit bit of luck. Smiler, as always, sat looking as miserable as fuckin’ sin.

Beauty and Tank came walking over. Tank and Beauty, his hot blond old lady—basically our club mother.

“Hey, sweetie, how you doing?” Beauty asked, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Good. I’ll be better in an hour when I’m seeing five of you due to this Jack and I’m spread eagle under the lickin’ twins.”

Beauty shook her head in admonishment as AK tapped my glass in agreement.

“How are Maddie and Lilah? Have they come down from upstairs yet?” Beauty asked.

I shook my head. “Nah, though I wish big-tits blonde would come down on me. I dream about what those pink lips would feel like wrapped around my cock.”

And fuck weren’t that the truth. Just the image of the blonde on her knees almost had me coming in my jeans. Total nut job though. A hardcore Bible freak who weren’t gonna be sucking on my chub anytime soon. I mean damn, my cock would have to be a damn gold-plated, prophet