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Heart Recaptured

By:Tillie Cole

ep in the forest of Johnny Landry’s farm. Like something you’d see in a movie, flamed torches were held up in the air as the jacked up Klan moved into a circle, one by one, chanting “White Power” toward a huge wooden cross doused in kerosene—fuckin’ Klan cologne—in the dead center of a clearing.

A guy in a red robe stepped forward, his torch in the air.

“Johnny Landry, Grand Wizard,” Tank whispered from a few places over, his teeth gritted with rage.

Landry punched his torch high and shouted, “For God!”

The Klansmen followed his actions and chanted back. “For God!”

“For Country! For Race! For Klan! Klansmen of the fiery cross!” Landry bellowed and the Klansmen screamed it back.

Lowering their torches in sync, the Klansmen all threw them to the base of the cross, and in seconds, the thing ignited like wildfire, and the symbol that made these cunts famous stood blazing on the highest hill of Johnny Landry’s land.

Their Grand Wizard was finally out of the slammer.

And they were holding a huge fucking rally to celebrate—but they forgot to send us the invite!

The Hangmen were crashing, hidden from view under some trees south of the hill. We needed to know if Landry being back out of prison, meant retribution on the Hangmen. Styx killed a number of their guys a while back when the fuckers killed Lois and shot at Mae, nearly ending her too. Styx got a swastika scar out the deal and we needed to know if Landry was gonna put out a hit on our club because of it.

The Klansmen moved back away from the flames, their arms spread out wide making a cross with their bodies. Then they came to a stop, all staring up at the burning cross.

“Fuckin’ assholes,” Tank hissed from a few places down and I looked over to see him clenching his fists at his old Klan brothers, now reinforced with fresh meat, his face showing every bit of the hatred that was burning him up inside.

Bull slapped Tank on the back, Tank took a long breath and we all went back to watching the fucked up scene.

“Jesus!” Vike said from beside me, “Anyone else sweating like a group’a nuns at a cucumber farm? How those Nazi Coneheads stand that close to that cross without melting is beyond me!” Vike grabbed at the collar of his shirt, but then, distracted, looked over to AK and Flame and asked, “You guys got any marshmallows? With this heat we could have made a real fuckin’ time of it and had smores!” Vike looked off into the distance and whispered to himself, “I fuckin’ love smores…”

Flame, who was panting like a rabid Rottweiler at the hooded army in front of us, stared at Viking and snarled.

Vike backed away from our psycho brother, palms up. “Fuck, man! Fine! But I’m just saying, it’d make this waste of fuckin’ time more bearable. Who goes round a campfire without smores?”

“It’s not a fuckin’ campfire, asshole! It’s a bastard burning Klan cross!” AK snapped at Vike. And Vike quickly shut the hell up.

Shaking my head at the redheaded dick, I saw Styx fuming as he stared in the brother’s direction and I nudged him to calm down.

“Soldiers! We’re here tonight to celebrate our new mission: to protect our race or face being destroyed!” Landry paced, pulling our attention back on him and the Klan looked on, their hoods covering their faces, but their feet rocked from side to side in excitement as Landry preached.

“There’s a storm coming, a war. And White Power must remain vigilant, focused on our mission. We’re building an army, a force to fight back against those who want to bring us down. No more fuck ups. The Texas White Knights will be strong, we’ll be prepared!”

Tank glanced over at Styx, and I could see the concern in his expression.

“A new enemy is coming. So we’ll be recruiting. We’ll be protecting our race! Preserving White Pride!”

“And our old enemies?” some little shit asked from the circle. “The Hangmen killed knights of ours, including my brother. They need to pay in blood!”

Landry turned and walked toward the man. “Your brother was weak. He got himself killed. Wasn’t smart enough to win that fight. He was tested, and he failed. They all were. We gotta be better than that.”

Styx’s eyes narrowed.

“Lenny fucking died! Those Hangmen fucks deserve to die too!” the little shit spat out.

Landry walked back into the center, ignoring the shit’s rant and turned in a circle so every Klansmen looked his way. “We have a new mission now, and for that we need good men. Strong men. We will be serving a higher purpose, a new battle that’ll be blowing our way. And all will be revealed in time!”

A few minutes later The Klan broke away, leaving the cross to burn out and went off to celebrate closer to Landry’s house.

When the last of the white robes had disappeared, we got to our feet and Styx turned to Tank. “You think they’re gonna leave us alone?” he signed and I voiced the question out loud.

Tank nodded his head. “Sounds like it. When Landry gives an order, he fuckin’ gives an order and anyone that goes against it dies. Sounds like they got something bigger brewing. Probably gearing up for the race war they think's rolling in but’ll never come.”

“So that just leaves—” Styx signed, talking more business but I cut him off just to get this shit done with. I had a bottle of Jack waiting with my name all over it.

“The Columbians’ll be shipping the new ammo next week. We got the street gangs back onside after the clusterfuck that was the Jesus freaks’ attempt at a takeover. The smalltime MC’s are keeping outta our way, Senator Collins is having the feds keep their fuckin’ noses outta our shit, and there’s no word of any trouble brewing with the Diablos,” I said and threw a wink at my best friend, taking a fuckin’ bow when I was done.

Styx’s jaw clenched at me cutting him off, but when I lifted my head back up, he signed, “Good. Then we’re done.”

I clapped my hands together and threw on my prizewinning smile. “So let’s get the fuck back to the compound and get