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One Night of Trouble


tiful white orchids crammed into every inch of the church. “When we get married, let’s avoid all the fanfare. It kinda scares me.”

“When we get married?” she teased, reaching up to tweak his bow tie. “Are you that confident I’d say yes if you proposed?”


“Yeah, well, talk to me once I’ve got this manager thing figured out. I can only handle one role at a time. Manager first. Wife? Maybe later.”

“There’s no maybe about it.” He dragged a seductive finger over the tattoo on her arm. “We both know you can’t say no to me, angel.”

Brett couldn’t argue with that. The only words that left her mouth in AJ Walsh’s presence were yes, God yes, and more please. With the occasional Oh God, that’s good thrown into the mix.

And she knew that the second the wedding reception came to an end, AJ would once again be coaxing those passion-laced words from her lips.

Over and over again.

As a shiver of anticipation raced through her, Brett shoved the dirty thoughts from her head and took AJ’s hand. Then she led him to the altar so they could watch his best friend get married.

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