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Loving War

By:C.M. Owens

s against my ear, pressing harder against me. “And then one easy stroke with just the right amount of force will be perfect.”

I swallow hard. I really don’t like this game.

The waitress returns with a glass of vodka for me, and I almost run out of the intimate position we’re in before I guzzle it down. I should leave. But I can’t. My twisted mind keeps wanting him to play with me a little more.

I really need to get laid if I’m fantasizing what it would be like to be bent over a pool table by Kode Sterling.

Chapter 2


I’m about to explode. Every time I help her line up her next shot, I press my cock as hard against her as I possibly can. Surely she’s felt it by now. She has to be turned on. Doesn’t she?

I need a CAT scan.

Maverick and Corbin are still clueless about who I’m with. Apparently they don’t recognize her any better than I did, but they’re staying on the far side of the bar, completely engulfed by the women around them. I’ve ignored the curious looks from Raya and Kade. If I don’t find a way to fuck Tria and get this over with, I might commit myself to the asylum.

Surely if I fuck her, then I’ll be fine. It’ll be out of my system.

Tria was always pretty enough, but it was hard to see her as anything other than the enemy because of Rain. Now... I fucked up by not knowing it was her. Had I known right away it was her, then I wouldn’t have fallen into this nonsensical infatuation.

“Eight ball, corner pocket,” she says, bending over right in front of me.

I groan as her dress slides up just enough to make me want to slam into her from behind. I want to be buried inside her right now. I can’t do it. It’s Tria. She’s hotter than I’ve ever fucking noticed before, but it’s Tria, damn it.

“Never gonna happen,” I mutter, reminding myself this is off-limits.

“Watch me,” she says, thinking I was referring to her shot.

I step closer, my feet moving of their own accord, and I run my hand over her ass before I realize what I’m doing. I shouldn’t have had so much liquor. It makes me too hands-on.

She stiffens under my touch, and I give her ass a squeeze, feeling my dick almost try to detach after the extended amount of time it’s been fully erect. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever needed to fuck someone so badly in all my life.

My emotions and thoughts keep contradicting themselves, making it hard to decipher what the hell I’m actually going to do.

“I need to go,” she says, putting the pool stick down on the table without attempting her shot.

She staggers slightly, and I wrap my arms around her to steady her... Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

“You’re drunk,” I say, waving at the waitress to bring over my tab. “You can’t drive.”

“I have a hotel room,” she mumbles. “Across the street. I planned ahead.”

She had to mention a hotel. Damn. And what was she planning for?

“Don’t tell me you came here to get laid,” I almost growl.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t. I need to go. Mission not accomplished.”

Really? She’s not the least bit turned on by me? After all that?

“I’ll walk you.” I’m a little pissed that she was going to fuck some stranger but not me. At least she knows me.

I roll my eyes when the voice in my head starts sounding like an annoying bitch instead of a badass guy.

“I can walk myself,” she says, pushing away from me.

Fine. If she doesn’t even want me to walk her out, then who am I to argue? She’s a grown woman.

When she staggers all the way to the door, my jaw clenches. She’s not fit to cross a street alone. Some guy winks at a group of his buddies when he spots her, and he ducks out the door behind her, making his intentions clear.

Oh hell no.

I take quick strides, ignoring Maverick when he yells for me, and I burst through the doors to see the guy laughing as he steadies her.

“I’ve got you, sweetheart,” he says, chuckling. “Where’re you headed? I’ll help you.”

Like hell.

“I’ve got her,” I interrupt, knocking his hands off her as I wrap my arm around her waist.

“The fuck you do,” he snarls, acting like I’m stealing easy prey from his jaws.

“Kode,” Tria purrs, smiling as she pulls at my shirt. “Take me to my room.”

From the pool table to here, she’s finally making sense. Good.

The guy rolls his eyes, but he walks away, sulking. I start crossing the street with her safely tucked under my arm, but I’m staggering almost as badly as she is.

We both laugh when we take a diagonal route by mistake, and she clutches me tighter once we reach the sidewalk. I smirk when she takes off her heels and holds them in one hand.

“So much better,” she groans, and then she tugs at my jacket. “Come in with me.”

I smile as she tugs me harder. “I’ll walk you to your room.”

Her vixen’s grin only makes my already aching cock hurt that much more. But I can’t fuck her now. Not now that she’s this drunk. It’s as though walking outside made the alcohol catch up with her. Hate it when that shit happens.

We step into the elevator, and she presses the button for the fifth floor. I notice she doesn’t have a purse. It’s not like her dress has pockets. Where’s her key?

She staggers into me, and in my already drunken state, I stumble into the wall. “Mmm,” she says, making me laugh as she rubs up against me.

The doors open, and I start steering her off the elevator. “Which room?” I ask, trying not to act affected when she continues to tug at my shirt and backs against a door.

“This one.”

I tilt my head, ready to ask where her key is, when she reaches into her bra with her free hand. My eyes dart down—of course—and I get a peek at her erect nipples behind the lacy bra. That’s like putting a steak in front of a starving man.

I groan as I lose all my ability to hold back, and I lower my head while pushing her dress and bra down in unison to allow way for my mouth to close over the hard little nub.

She moans when she feels it, and she pulls me to her, tangl