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Exquisite Trouble

By:Ann Mayburn

tch I’d never met, inch by inch, reconstructing her day because I was that fucking obsessed with her, I would’ve told you that you were full of shit, and to go fuck yourself. I might’ve even punched you in the throat for it if I was in a real shitty mood. But now? Now, I treasured every small glimpse I got into the life of Sue Wanda Anderson, known to her friends and family as Swan. The name fit her. She had the body of a goddess and unique elegance, a delicacy around her that drove me crazy. It was the difference between a woman who was a lady, and a woman who was one of the sweet butts at my clubhouse who used her pussy like currency. I didn’t want to think about that shit right then and I paused—as usual—and stared at pictures on the walls of her with her family.

When I was awake all I seemed to do was think about her, and when I slept I dreamed of her—every damn night.

She was an intensely private woman, almost a recluse, but she had a few friends who came over to hang out. In the last year that I’d been watching Swan, all of the friends she had over were female, thank fuck. I would’ve had to kill any asshole who touched her. Sarah, Swan’s sister, had clued me in to a few things about Swan that explained her lack of a dating life, and as always, I wondered how the stunning blonde would react to my touch. Would she shrink from me like I was covered with filth as I stroked the perfectly tanned skin on her freckled shoulders? Or would she purr?

Once again, I got an uncomfortable hard-on and adjusted myself with a grimace.

I looked through her trash to figure out what she had for dinner. Unhealthy crap, as usual. Even though she ate like a frat boy, she had the hottest body I’d ever seen. Long legs, high ass, and big, real breasts topped off by natural pale blonde hair and big, sky-blue eyes. Just a hint of baby fat remained in her cheeks and gave her an innocent look that killed me and every other heterosexual male who saw her. She was a total knockout, but it wasn’t her looks that had me sniffing after her like a stag in heat. No, it was Swan herself. Not only was she beautiful, she was brilliant, kind, and heartbreakingly naïve.

Made me all the more fucking pissed at her complete waste of a mother for exposing Swan to the danger she was in now, even if Swan didn’t know it.

I took a quick glance at the book she was currently reading and frowned in displeasure. It was some chick romance with a ripped guy on the cover smiling at the camera. I had a better body. I was irritated that it wasn’t one of the BDSM romances she seemed to love. I always took a few minutes to read those to see where she’d left off and what kind of fantasies she was learning about. The first time I saw one of those erotic romance books on her coffee table, I knew this beautiful creature had been made for me. I just wished like fuck circumstances were different so I could make her fall in love with me. Fucking hell, I was already more than half in love with her.

Shit, I sounded like a bitch about to have her period.

I went to the small foyer where she kept her mail and sorted through it. Nothing but bills, crap, and more bills. I wanted to take care of all her finances for her and had more than enough money to support her in comfort for the rest of her life. She sure as fuck wouldn’t have to work at any more titty bars.

The thought of the titty bar reminded me the clock was ticking, and I went down the hallway to her bedroom.

The cool, dark room was saturated with her delicious scent. I paused in the doorway, closed my eyes and imagined her here, waiting for me with her legs spread wide and her hands gripping the rails of her brass headboard, anticipating me tying her up then fucking her until she passed out.

My fantasy was so vivid that, for a moment, when I opened my eyes I saw her there, but a heartbeat later, I was just looking at rumpled bed sheets again. I picked up the phone next to her bed and checked her voice mail, hoping that either Sarah or her mom had tried to contact Swan, but there was nothing other than a missed call from her friend, Tansy. After I set the phone down, I completed my daily routine, picked up her pillow and took deep inhalations of her scent. I didn’t know what it was about her, but her fucking smell went straight to my brain like high-grade coke. Her scent amped me up and made my dick go into overdrive; I couldn’t contain the growl of need that escaped me.

I was so fucking addicted to her natural aroma that I couldn’t stand the stink of other bitches now. They smelled spoiled to me, like rotten meat left out in the sun for too long. Yeah, I still had a few of the club sweet butts that I let suck my cock, but I hadn’t fucked a woman since a few months ago when I started spending most of my days sitting in that shitty-ass house nearby and watching over Swan. This whole celibacy thing was new to me, but that little girl had me so wrapped around her finger, all I wanted was her sweet pussy wrapped around my dick.

The sight of the oversized t-shirt she wore to bed on the floor made me really want to pick it up, but I didn’t touch any of her clothing. I had already invaded her privacy like a motherfucker, but even I had standards. So I never touched her drawers or did anything more than take a quick look through her closet.

I glanced over at her computer and wondered if I had enough time to check what kind of porn she watched last night. Despite having no man of any kind in her life, Swan watched an amazing number of dirty movies. First time I went through her browser history, I had to go into her bathroom and jack off like a thirteen-year-old. Fucking embarrassing, but knowing her sexual tastes only fueled my daydreams about her. She watched all kinds of kinky shit, and while I would never share her with another man, I was determined to be the only man who actually did most of that kinky shit with her. Thoughts of all the ways I would sexually corr