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Exquisite Trouble

By:Ann Mayburn


Ahhh, when she said my name all husky like that it was like she was stroking my cock. I was tempted to take her back downstairs for round two, but she needed to eat first. I want to take care of Swan in every way, to feed her, to clothe her, to fuck her when she needs it and hold her when she doesn’t. I want to be everything she could ever want because she’s everything I need. The strength of my love for this woman scares me sometimes. I can all too easily imagine what it would be like to lose her, and a part of me is grateful that her crazy ass father did his best to make her indestructible.

From inside the house came the smell of frying peppers and my stomach gave a loud growl. Swan giggled—I loved that sound—then patted my stomach. “Easy there, big boy.”

“What can I say? I worked up an appetite trying to satisfy that greedy pussy of yours.”

She blushed right on cue, and I couldn’t help but steal a kiss that started off sweet and ended up smoldering; the sexual chemistry between us is off the charts. If I had my way I’d spend most of my day buried balls deep inside of her. The more I have her the more I want her and I will destroy anyone or anything that tries to take her away from me.

As if she could sense my thoughts, her kiss turned soothing and quieted the paranoid beast inside of me that always wants to hide her from the world and keep her all to myself. Her touch gentled me and I just lived in this perfect moment with her safe in my arms. I knew that all too soon we’d have to return to the real world where her life is in constant danger and things could go to shit in a heartbeat. I held her close and buried my face against the side of her neck, drowning in her clean sunshine scent while I vowed that I would do whatever I have to in order to make sure Swan survives.

I love her and I would go to war against the world to keep her safe.