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Nomad Kind of Love

By:Nicole Snow

gether, with Throttle's and his boys riding lead.

Hypno and Shatter were behind me in perfect formation. Those two were vying for VP slot now that Blaze was gone – not that being VP meant much in a tiny Nomad charter with three guys.

We'd be looking for prospects in the Midwest, where the Prairie Devils always needed more guys. I looked forward to it, making a clean start, living like a Nomad again.

June leaned into me as we roared on through Montana beneath the big blue sky. She clinked her helmet gently on mine every so often, scratching my neck or teasing me with those sweet lips.

If she thought I was tired after last night, she had another thing coming.

Up ahead, Throttle's big convoy looked like tiny dots, heading back to Cassandra. Wouldn't be long at all until we went our separate ways.

The bright sun filled my eyes, and the air had the mild, sweet scent of the plains changing from spring to summer. June's hands gripped my waist tighter, feeling up my waist, anchoring me to what really mattered on this crazy fucking ride.

I wouldn't be a Nomad forever. Or at least not one with as much freedom as I craved, able to take off and go roaring across the country whenever the club wasn't calling in its troops.

When we were stuck in Python, I'd missed this, and it felt damned good to be free.

But as I enjoyed each and every one of her loving strokes, I knew the future would be perfect, no matter what happened. Sacrificing a little freedom to settle down somewhere and have kids with the woman I loved sounded pretty fucking good right about now.

I was ready. Just as long as June was at my side, an old lady as wild and free as my own heart.