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Getting Dirty

By:Mia Storm

intless. But I don’t think it is. That’s the part I disagree with.” I shake my head and thumb the tears from her cheeks. “All I can tell you for sure is I don’t have many answers, but I’ve got one. There has never been a time through any of this that I stopped loving you. You are what matters. When I lose sight of you, life is pointless. With you here, in my arms—” I lean forward and press my lips to her forehead. “—not so much.”

She breathes a shaky breath. “Tell me again. That last part.”

I lift her and crush her body to mine. Nothing has ever felt more right. “I love you, Blaire, with everything that I am. As long as you want me, I’m not going anywhere.”

Her ankles lock around my hips and she hikes herself higher up my body with her hands around my neck. “I thought I lost you.”

“What do you want, Blaire? Tell me what you want from me.”

“Take me home,” she says, and from the look in her eye, I know she doesn’t mean to her parents’ house.

I take the keys from her hand and load her into the passenger seat of her Mini. I duck into the driver’s seat and pull onto the road. She reaches for my hand on the stick shift and weaves her fingers between mine, then leans her head against my shoulder.

We pull into my cheap no-tell motel fifteen minutes later. I scan my key and guide Blaire through the door into the cramped, musty room. She kicks off her shoes and climbs under the covers in all her clothes. I toe off my Vans and go to the other side, sliding in next to her and wrapping my body around hers.

She falls asleep quickly, exhausted, no doubt. She looks so beaten down. But her body twitches, still wound too tightly to relax, even in sleep. I hold her and send her any shred of peace I can find within myself. I breathe her in and live in this place, where I never thought I’d be again. Eventually, I drift off and dream of being right where I am.

I wake to pale morning light and a warm body draped over mine. When I open my eyes, Blaire is on top of me. Naked.

She smiles down at me and traces the lines of my mouth with the tip of her forefinger, making me smile in return. She pushes herself up so she’s straddling my hips and starts on the button of my jeans.

I strip my T-shirt off as she works my fly, then let her drag my jeans down my legs.

On the way back up, she slows to give my raging hard-on a tongue bath. When she teabags my balls, they pull tight and I groan. She licks from base to tip again, but just as she opens her lips to sheath my cock with that hot, wet mouth, I reach for her arms and drag her up my body. “I want to be inside you when I come.”

I reach for my wallet on the nightstand, but she grasps my hand and lays it on her breast. She lift her hips and positions the head of my erection at her opening. “I’m on the pill.”

She rolls her hips, taking me inside, and Christ, she’s tight. I feel the full measure of my aching cock sinking through her slick folds until I’m seated to the root inside her. She starts to rock her pelvis on mine and I grasp her hips and move to her rhythm.

I trail my fingers over those perfect C cups, down flat, tight abs, to the center of her world. I work her clit and she starts to moan, a feral sound from deep inside her. Her hand cups her breast and she rolls the nipple under her thumb. The fingers of her other hand follow mine between her legs. She mimics the movement of my thumb with her fingers. After a minute, I slip my hand out and watch as she continues to work her clit.

I grasp her hips and pump harder, thrusting as deeply into her as I can, desperate to moor myself so far inside her that no one can dig me out. It’s not long before her inner muscles clamp hard around my cock as she screams out her release. I come hard just behind her, because watching her get herself off with me inside her is one of the hottest fucking things I’ve ever seen.

She lowers herself onto my chest. “I wanted to know how you do it. I’ve never been able to come on my own.”

“I find that hard to believe.” Her body is so receptive. She just rides the waves of desire with no inhibitions.

“I’ve never really been close except with you.” Her tongue laps a ring around my nipple before she sucks it. “I can’t seem to really let go if we’re not together…like I need your energy or our connection or something for my body to work right.”

I wrap my arms around her. “We were made for this.”

She rocks her hips against mine and grins down at me. “Then I think we should do it again.”

I smile and roll her onto her back. She spreads wide and I start to move inside her, my cock already pulsing with the influx of blood as it hardens again.

She smiles up at me and something wicked flashes in her eyes. “I think we should send Detective Diaz a sex tape. She seemed to enjoy the one Craig made.”


“He told me tonight that he followed us. He wanted to go out after the slam tonight and said I wouldn’t regret it. Said he could make me come like you did.”

My blood pressure rises twenty points, and I literally see red as it pumps hard through my head. But I’m not going to let him ruin what we’ve got going right this second. I kiss her then start pumping inside her. “You’re killing the mood, love.”

She grins up at me. “Did you just call me ‘love.’”

“I did.”

She pulls my mouth to hers and kisses me to my soul. “I like that,” she says when she finally releases me.

I love her slowly, living in her body. And when she never asks to go home, I never take her.