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The Ugly Girlfriend

By:Latrivia Nelson

itch,” LaToya said blushing.

“Hello, LaToya, it’s nice to meet you,” Mitch said with a thick accent.

Great. Two hotties, she thought to herself.

Mitch was breathtaking as well. His green eyes sparkled but not with the same mischief as Byron’s. There was something else looming in his unwavering gaze. His tanned face was framed by dark curly locks with a few streaks of distinguished gray, heavy arched eyebrows, light sprinkles of freckles across his straight nose and a clever charm that radiated from his bright smile. His wide, full lips were curved into a kiss above a dimpled chin. But in all of his undeniable outward beauty, could it be that he was shy?

She found that normal. White men tended to be tighter-lipped around black women here. And that was probably smart. The women at this table were like vultures.

Chuckling under her breath at the thought, she inadvertently made eye contact with him.

He smiled back as if understanding her sudden amusement. This time his look was different. Curious.

LaToya was speechless, and so were the rest of the girls.

So, did this man want to talk to LaToya? Had she finally landed one?

Byron’s voice boomed, “I was just telling Mitch what a hell of a job you’ve done with my place, LaToya. You see, even though he’s a great architect, he’s one lousy house keeper. So, I was wondering if you might...consider taking him on as a new client?”

“Yes, I really need some help,” Mitch said, fishing out his wallet. He pulled out his crisp, white business card and passed it to her.

All the women melted over his accent. Irish? Scottish?

Bryon picked up on the unspoken question. “Mitch originally hails from Dublin, hence the horrible accent. He just moved here about a year ago from our New York office, and he still hasn’t gotten into the Arizona swing of things.”

“Living here takes some getting used to.” LaToya took the card and looked at it blankly. Why did she get her hopes up anymore? She would have been thrilled to have Bryon interested in more than just her cleaning services, but she would have settled for the white boy just to save face.

LaToya’s friends looked down, embarrassed for her. They all thought that she had finally found a prospect for the bed; instead, she’d just picked up a possible prospect for her business. It was somewhat comical in a way. History continued to repeat itself for the poor girl.

“Okay, Mitch,” she said, trying to hide her sudden disgust. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” She looked back up at him and sighed. Pain pulled at the sides of her nearly quivering mouth.

“Sounds wonderful. I actually have guests coming soon. So, I’ll pay extra if you can fit me in ASAP,” Mitch said eagerly.

LaToya smiled and put the business card in the pocket of her purse. She was relieved when Angela suddenly returned from the dance floor on cue, sweaty and drunk. Still laughing, she nearly fell over the men when she tried to sit down.

Bryon turned to Angela with a different look. His smile was much bigger now. Evidently, he had found his prize. Catching her in his strong grip as she nearly fell into him, he laughed.

“Are you okay?” he asked, touching her a little more than he had to.

“Great...now,” Angela answered. She looked up into his eyes and swallowed hard. A suggestive look passed between the two. Sparks flew and suddenly the rest of the group was dim.

The queen of the ball had officially arrived. Angela was always the center of attention. Her fair skin, bright brown eyes, long real hair and a body from hell commanded attention not only from men but also from women. It had been as such for the entirety of her privileged existence.

The attention quickly turned from the awkward moment with LaToya to the tipsy beauty in front of them. In honesty, she was grateful. She could feel the pity emanating from around the table. Instead, she preferred for people to ignore her. It was better than being the central focus of a misunderstanding. Case in point, the white guy. Raising her eyebrow, she looked down at her now watered down drink and wished the night away.

However, even as she sat silently brooding, she felt Mitch still looking at her. She tried to glance away. What did he want now? A babysitter? A nurse? Ugh. Men, she thought as Angela giggled again.

Chapter Two

Early morning came quickly. LaToya pulled herself out of her full-sized bed and leaned over the side. Hitting the alarm on her I-pod clock radio, she snuggled her feet into her furry, pink slippers and made her way to the bathroom. Hair in a bun, she turned on the shower and grabbed her toothbrush.

On her mirror was a huge yellow note. LOSE 30 POUNDS! Looking up at the Post-It, she brushed her teeth in circular rotations as the dentist had instructed and shook her head. That note had been there for two months and since then, she had put on three pounds. The thought was depressing.

An hour later, she was at the Redmond’s home with her cleaning crew preparing their house for a party that weekend and cleaning up from a party the night before.

Some people loved the social scene, and that number most definitely included the Redmond’s. They were a strange but happy couple. Two cosmetic surgeons who had a flare for the eccentric and knew everyone who was anyone in Phoenix, the Redmond’s were also one of her best clients.

It was a beautiful day outside. Around the pool, as she stuffed plastic plates and glasses into a huge, black garbage bag, she looked up at the blue sky and felt completely at peace. Life was good for her outside of being a lonely, young hag. She had a small business that was thriving, a small home that she loved, and friends and family who loved her. Plus, an hour ago, Barnes and Noble had called her and said that her new order of books had arrived. She couldn’t wait to pick them up, ge