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Perfect Collision

By:Lina Andersson

but I worried for a while. I missed you, and all I could think about was getting out and being with you—for real.”

“You and me,” I whispered.

“Exactly. You and me.”

He moved, then he was inside of me, and with a smile he leaned down and kissed me.

“I guess this means I'm definitely moving in,” I said.

“Hell yeah,” he said and grabbed my behind while rolling his hips against me with a satisfied groan. “You're gonna live with me. No fucking way am I letting you sleep anywhere else than right next to me.”

I wrapped my legs around him, meeting his slow thrusts.

“So do I get to pick where I want the tattoo?”

“No.” He pulled out of me and chuckled when I protested, but I went quiet when he moved further down and eventually kissed me just above my left hipbone. “I want it here, so I see it on my way down to give you head.”

“Okay.” I reached for him. “Get up here and finish!”