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Perfect Collision

By:Lina Andersson

g down Mel's cleavage, and knowing Brick, he'd probably been doing just that.

The last drawing was Edie lying on the couch at her and Dawg's place. Vi had spent the night there just a few days earlier when she and Ella’d had a bad fight. Edie was Vi's escape, a place where she could go and relax for a while.

“Did you have a girls' night?” he asked, pointing at the picture.

“Yeah. Dawg came later, but he brought pink cotton candy, so we said it was okay.”

He could’ve told her how fucking amazing the pictures were, but she didn’t like to hear it, and she already knew he thought so. Instead, he pulled her closer and kissed her cheek, then held up a strand of her hair.

“Wanna tell me what the thought was with this?”

“I don’t know, Dad,” she sighed. “She’s gonna kill me.”

Then she started to cry. He pulled her onto his lap and held her close. He hated her crying; every fucking sob tore through his heart like a dull knife.

“Oh, baby girl.”

“Especially now when the perfect daughter is home. Her pride and joy, and then she’s got me... such a fucking disappointment.”

“Baby, you know that’s not true. You’re amazing, smart, nice, and so extremely fucking talented.” He stroked some of the purple hair back from her face and fastened it behind her ear. “And, sweetie, even with bright violet hair, you’re so beautiful.”

Her light brown, almost amber, eyes hit his. “I’m not. Lisa’s beautiful, and Mom is beautiful—I’m just... plain.”

“Katze, there is nothing plain about you.” He stroked the little dimple in her chin and up over her very full lower lip. “You’re beautiful. I wish you could see that.”

He stroked her hair from the from the top of her head and down the sides to cradled her face between his hands, making her look at him.

“And I gotta admit, Katze, that hair color kind of suits you.”

It did. He would’ve thought a hair color like that would look horrible, but it made her skin look almost alabaster, her eyes brighter, and... in general it worked.

“You mean I can keep it?”

“Yup. You can keep it.”

He didn't see any point in arguing about it. When it came to Vi, you had to choose your battles, and making sure she went to school was the biggest priority.

Ella would go crazy, but he'd deal with her for Vi. He was so fucking fed up with all these fights, and at the moment he was mostly trying to keep Vi out of Ella's way. He hadn't come up with a long term plan yet, but he was getting very close to taking Vi and getting the fuck out of the house. She didn't need all this shit, and neither did he.


Mac looked at Vi sitting on the couch next to Edie. Edie seemed to be trying to encourage her, which was a very Edie thing to do. She'd always had a soft spot for Vi, and he'd seen her at Edie and Dawg's place a few times. He'd been talking a lot to Dawg before he took off to prospect in Emporia, Kansas.

When Mac'd mentioned to his dad he wanted to prospect in another charter, someplace where he wasn't just 'Brick's kid,' his dad had told him to talk to Dawg, since he'd done the same thing when he became a Marauder. That's how Dawg'd ended up in Greenville.

Mac didn't really know Vi as he'd mostly hung out with her older sister, Lisa. With Vi being so much younger, she turned into one of those annoying younger siblings you did your best to avoid. To add to that, Vi hardly ever talked to anyone and tended to disappear among the other more outgoing kids in the club.

When Edie left her alone on the couch, Vi picked up a book and a well-used pencil from a worn bag. She seemed to scan the room for a while before she started drawing.

“Is it me or is that hair color... surprising?” he asked, turning to Mitch and Lisa.

Lisa started laughing. “Yeah. She usually tends to look as if she's trying to blend in with the walls. Think she looks kind of cute, though.”

Lisa wasn't that close to her sister, it was once again that age difference making it hard, but she always defended her.

“Well,” Mitch started, “you sure as shit notice her now.”

“Don't think she'll see that as a positive thing.” She studied her little sister with a small smile on her lips.

“What's she drawing?” Mac asked Lisa, still looking at Vi and her focused expression.

“Only one who ever sees the drawings in that black sketchbook is Dad, but you could ask him,” she suggested with a sweet smile.

“I think I'll pass.”

It wasn't that he was scared of Bear, he'd pretty much been a second dad to him and Mitch, but Bear was very protective of his daughters.

Mac kept looking at Vi. She was so focused, like she was the only person in the room, so he decided to go have a look. When he started towards her, he heard Mitch laugh.

“Are you pissed she's not giving you those long, longing looks anymore?”

“Shut up,” he said and kept walking.

Vi'd had a bit of a crush on him a few years back, and Mitch had found it hilarious. It might be because she was the only one of the female club kids that was crushing on Mac instead of him, which was the normal thing, but it was more likely he'd known how uncomfortable it made Mac. Not because it was Vi, but more because it was someone so young.

As he came closer to her he saw it—her drawing. It was Wolf and Bear by a table, and it was amazing.

Wolf was leaning back with his leg resting on another chair in front of him, and his arm was on the table holding a glass. Perfect down to the last detail with the long hair in a messy ponytail, the goatee, and the drooping bad eye. On the other side of the table was Bear, with his long hair and full beard down to his chest. He was resting both his elbows on the table with a glass standing between them.

Mac'd never seen anything like it and definitely not from a fourteen year old girl.

“Wow!” he said before he could stop himself, and she immediately slammed the sketchbook shut.

“No!” he protested as he sat down next to her. “That was fucking amazing. Let me se