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Babysitters Erotica Collection

By:Vallen Green

Friday Frisky Fun

Tina was bored. No, scratch that. Tina was very bored.

It was a Friday night, and Tina was babysitting Connor, her next-door neighbor’s five-year-old kid. For some reason, Connor was already exhausted when Tina walked through the door. Mrs. Smith, Connor’s mom, told Tina that she had signed Connor up for swimming lessons at the club. The first swimming session had drained Connor’s energy, and by the time Tina arrived and Mrs. Smith was ready to go, the boy had been more than willing to jump into bed right away.

Tina liked Connor and enjoyed his company. The kid was super active, yes, but he was also polite, friendly, and sweet, especially when Tina brought her art supplies over sometimes. Tina, twenty-one years old, was an art major. Connor loved art, and it was this common love for the craft that made Tina and Connor hit off so well.

Tina grabbed the remote and flipped through one channel to another. It may be a Friday night, but she and her friends usually go out on Saturdays to make way for Tina’s babysitting gig. On most Fridays, Tina and Connor would be sprawled on the living room floor making drawings and paintings, but Tina knew this was not most Fridays. She wished she could wake Connor up and convince him to do some art or something, but of course she couldn’t do that.

Her thoughts were broken when a pair of headlights suddenly washed the driveway. Curious, Tina stood up and looked out the window. Mr. Smith, Connor’s father, wasn’t supposed to be home until ten o’clock in the evening or so (it was only seven o’clock), yet there he was, stepping out of the family’s ink-black SUV. Robert Smith (not that Tina ever called him that) was dressed in a white button-down shirt, blue well-fitting jeans, and red sneakers.

Looking at him from behind the living room curtain, Tina felt a sliver of lust run through her. Robert Smith was blessed in the looks department, something Tina believed Connor would inherit as soon as he stepped into his teens. Mr. Smith was tall, roughly about 6’3”, blond, green eyed, and muscular in that just-right kind of way. Tina knew he went to the gym three to four times a week, and it was a fact that she understood. Her next-door neighbors had the looks that could rival those of the Hollywood stars’, and they need to do all they can to keep their looks that way. The fact that Mrs. Smith had men chasing after her left and right, even with her married to an equally gorgeous Mr. Smith, was proof that Mr. Smith needs to put in more effort if he wants to keep his wife by his side.

The Smiths may be the picture-perfect family, but Tina knew they truly loved each other. Plus they were so nice and friendly that even the other neighbors couldn’t help but genuinely like the family for who and what they were, never mind that they looked better than most of the people the neighbors knew.

With a jolt, Tina realized she was going to be alone in the house with Mr. Smith. She gripped the curtain tightly without even knowing it. Oh no, what am I going to do? She asked herself in the head. This has never happened before. I can’t be in the same room with Mr. Smith.

Before she could even think another word, the door swung open and in stepped the gorgeous hunk of a man that was Robert Smith. Tina quickly let go of the curtain and plastered on her “I’m your local friendly babysitter” smile. She hoped she didn’t look funny. Just because she wasn’t up to the idea of being alone with Robert didn’t mean she didn’t see him that way. For the longest time, Tina had had a huge crush on her handsome next-door neighbor. No one else knew about it save for her closest friends, and they had been thrilled when Tina told them she had been hired by the Smiths to babysit Connor four times a week.

Her friend Zoey had joked it was Tina’s turn to get her claws on Mr. Smith, but Tina brushed the joke aside and responded with all the seriousness she could muster that she would never get in the pants of a married man, no matter how handsome. Now, with the said married man standing in front of her, Tina was no longer so sure she could hold on to that promise.

After brushing his sneakers on the rug, Robert looked up and saw Tina. He broke into a dazzling grin, and it was all Tina could do not to rip her clothes off and offer herself to him right there and then.

“Tina!” Robert exclaimed. “You’re here!” He paused and looked up the ceiling. “Of course. Connor needs you.” He grinned again, taking off his shoes at the same time.

“Hi, Mr. Smith!” Tina responded cheerily. “Yeah, Connor was beat from his swimming classes, and he thought it would be wise to hit the sack early.” She smiled nervously. “Mrs. Smith told me to stay with him until you got home, obviously.”

Robert nodded and padded toward the couch. “The meeting ended early, which is one of the few great things about random, casual meetings.” He sat on the couch and gave himself a good stretch. Tina had to restrain her tongue from creeping out of her mouth and running across her lips. Robert’s shirt had grown taut across his chest, emphasizing a firm, solid set of pectorals that Tina wanted to touch and caress.

What is happening to me? Tina thought stupidly.

“That’s . . . that’s great, Mr. Smith,” she said lamely. “Um, I’m glad you got to finish early.” She realized how silly that sounded, and she wanted to kick herself in the head. “Well, since you’re here and all, I should be going now.”

“Oh, no, no,” Robert objected. He stood up hurriedly and walked back toward Tina. “The night is young, and so are we.” He gave a mischievous smile. “I’d like for us to have a bit of, shall we say, fun tonight, Tina.” His green eyes held Tina’s blue ones, and Tina felt that shiver of delight again, this time in the space between her legs.

“That sounds . . . that sounds like fun, Mr. Smith,” she answered with a nervous chuckle.