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Only His Touch Part Two (The Untouched Series #5)

By:Lilly Wilde

Only His Touch Part Two (The Untouched Series #5)
Author: Lilly Wilde

Chapter One

I yawned as my eyes fluttered open. I was enveloped in Aiden's arms, surrounded by his smell and wrapped in his love. I took in a deep breath and sighed, basking in the afterglow of last night. It was a beautiful evening-from start to finish-one I tucked away in that special place that belonged to Aiden and me.

After coming home from my proposal last night, Aiden carried me upstairs and made sweet, gentle love to me. It's rare that we have the patience to slow our pace and savor each moment, but when we do, it's the complete giving and receiving of love on its purest level. I'm reminded of how perfect we are together-of how Aiden was uniquely designed, just for me.

And now I was snuggled in bed with my fiancé, trying to recall every detail. Fiancé! Aria Cason has a fiancé. Would wonders ever cease? I lifted my hand and stared at the gorgeous ring as it sparkled in the light of the morning sun. I couldn't believe I was engaged to Aiden Raine. And the new piece of jewelry on my left hand was nothing short of exquisite.

"Did you say yes because of the ring?" Aiden teased, and kissed my shoulder.

Smiling, I turned to face him. "I said yes because I'm crazy in love you. How long have you been awake?"

"Not very," he replied.

Even with the rasp of sleep in his voice, I felt the resonance of his velvet tone between my legs.

"Second thoughts?" he asked.

I was sure once the shock had worn off, I would probably freak out, but for now, I was the happiest, most content woman on the planet. "Not a one," I replied.

"Good," he said, his grip tightening around my waist. "So when are you going to marry me?"

"Can I have at least twenty-four hours to be engaged?" I joked.

Aiden didn't smile at my attempt at humor. "You've said yes. I don't see any reason to wait."

"What's the rush? It's not like I'm pregnant, and you're marrying me to protect my virtue. That ship has sailed-Lyric is proof of that."

He reached up and touched the tip of my nose and then kissed it. "I just don't want to wait."

"Let's focus on getting moved first and then we can discuss dates," I suggested. "How's that?"

"As far as I'm concerned, we can move today and get married tomorrow."

"Oh, you." I laughed. "I think I want a wedding, and I want my sisters to be a part of it. And besides that, I want Lyric to have something to look back on when he's older."

"It's so easy for me to be selfish when it comes to you," he said. "If it's a wedding you want, then a wedding you shall have. I want you to have whatever you want-whatever makes you happy."

The look in his eyes didn't support his words. "What are you worried about?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said.

"If your rush is because you think I'll change my mind, you're wrong. I won't. I love you, and I'm extremely happy, baby."

He kissed my cheek and smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Come. Let's get showered and dressed. We need to get these Boston plans underway."

* * * * *

After our shower, we headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea for me and coffee for Aiden. I couldn't help but notice that he was being extra attentive. Not that I didn't enjoy his prolonged gazes, but there was something behind the furtive glances that worried me. It reminded me of his behavior after our first visit to Seducente-he'd been in quiet observance, ready to curtail any sign of my unease or of my tendency to run.

Since Aiden had to go to work, we decided to wait until later in the day to iron out the details on our move to Boston. After feeding and spending some time with Lyric, Aiden and I returned to our bedroom to get dressed.

"Why don't you come with me to work today?" he asked. He pulled me into his arms and planted a chaste kiss on my lips.

I smiled up at him as his hands slowly moved down my back and then lower, grasping my behind.

"I thought you had meetings all day."

"I do," he said. "No reason you can't be present for those."

"Wait. Which meetings are we referring to? Raine Industries or one of your foundations?"

"Does it matter?" he asked.

I knew what he was doing. He didn't want me out of his sight for any prolonged measure of time. I didn't know whether to go along with it to reassure him, or tell him no, and then remind him of what he'd asked of me-what we'd asked of each other-to trust in the strength of our relationship.

"Babe, you know I love you, and despite the fact that I didn't answer right away, I'm happy I said yes. Nothing is going to change that. I'm staying. You're stuck with me."

"Can I get that in writing?" he joked.

He was smiling, but I knew he was half-serious.

"You'll have it in writing soon enough." I eased from his embrace and went to the dresser in search of my diamond earrings.

Aiden followed me. "You know … I'm surprised you said yes," he said.

He was no more surprised than I was. "Stop the presses! Media alert. Aiden Raine displays self-doubt. The world is coming to an end," I teased.

"But you're glad you did?" he asked.


"And you're happy?"

"Yes. Very. How could I not be?"

"And no matter what, you're staying … right?"

I stopped looking for my earring and turned to face him. Although he had the same calm look that was his norm, he was anything but, and my assurances didn't seem to register at all. He was still worried I'd run.

* * * * *

Aiden and I were in the home office looking at designs for our Boston home when a faint knock diverted our attention. We looked up and saw Sienna standing in the doorway.

"Hello, you two. Forgive me for intruding. I would've called first, but Aiden hasn't been accepting my calls as of late, so I took a chance and came over unannounced. I was hoping I could speak with you, Aiden," she said.

I looked at Aiden and was surprised by the almost immediate shift in his expression. He went from calm to agitated in a measure of seconds.


"What is it, Mother?" he asked.

"Actually, I'm glad you're both here," she said, eyeing me. "As this concerns you as well, Aria."

I glanced skeptically at Aiden then back at Sienna, and wondered what was happening now.

"Please come in, Sienna. Have a seat," I offered.

She wore "elite and wealthy" extremely well. She was dressed in a stylish gray pantsuit and cream-colored heels. Her dark hair was parted in the middle and pulled into a perfect knot in the back. A pearl necklace fell right above the collar of her cream silk blouse. Other than the necklace and pearl stud earrings, her wedding ring was her only jewelry. And as usual, her makeup was flawless.

"If this is about Lyric appearing in that charity show of yours, the answer is no," Aiden said, his voice firm. "And I'd appreciate if you'd refrain from asking about ridiculous things like that in the future."

Sienna's lips fell into a frown, her spirit deflating as she took in her son's demeanor. "I understand," she replied and took a seat. "That was only part of the reason for my visit."

"And the other part?" Aiden asked. He made zero attempt to hide his impatience.

Sienna's mouth opened into a perfect 'o', giving her face the look of a question mark. What the hell had happened between last night and now?

Although obviously still puzzled by Aiden's delivery, she shook off his impudence and started to respond. "Well … I know you have a certain level of resentment toward me. You always have, but I couldn't help but notice it's become blatant as of late. What have I done? And what can I do to make amends?"

Sienna appeared vulnerable, as though she might break down in tears. "Maybe you two should talk alone," I suggested.

Aiden looked at me and shook his head, rejecting my offer. "No. You don't have to leave," he said, and