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Kaden (The Recherché Series #2)

By:Brit Lauren

Kaden (The Recherché Series #2)
Author: Brit Lauren

Music pulses through the room, vibrating the floors beneath my feet as I stand at the packed bar. The bartender hands me two shots and takes my money. I turn and hand one to the blonde standing next to me. She's hot, smoking hot. The dress she's wearing is tight enough that I can tell she's not wearing any underwear. I throw back the shot and stare at her tits, straining against the restrictive material. A blinding smile flashes across her lips and she tips the glass back.

She leans in close, her body brushing against mine. "I want to dance." She says in my ear seductively. She doesn't even move away from the bar before she's pressing her body against me, grinding and writhing. Without moving I signal the bartender for a beer and he slides a bottle of Corona down the bar, smiling and shaking his head. The girl drops to the floor and my gaze hits that of a girl behind her. Purely by chance. I swear. She smiles and cocks a brow before the blonde pops back up.

I love women. I love the way they feel, how they smell, the way they move. I love the challenge of bedding a new one, the thrill of the chase. This right here is a game of skill. Some will come easily, but it's the ones that don't that I really like. The ones who fight with their own sense of moral compass, but succumb to the animal allure of chemistry and sex. Yep, they're always the best ones.

My phone vibrates against my back pocket, and I take it out, glancing at the screen. Ethan. Finally. I lost that fucker over an hour ago. I wrap my hand around the back of the blonde's neck and pull her in close so I can speak in her ear.

"I have to step out for a second. I'll be back."

"Okay, hurry." Her voice drops and her palm brushes over my dick. Well, if ever there were incentive.

Turning away from her, I push through the crowd. There's a smoking area at the back of the club, a patio of sorts. I step outside and call Ethan back, but it goes straight to voicemail. Damn it.

I look up and spot the brunette I picked up in here last week making her way towards me. She's wearing leather hot pants and a cropped t-shirt; and fucking hell, I almost want to high five myself for that shit. Her belly button piercing glints in the low lighting and when she runs her tongue over her bottom lip I see the flash of a tongue stud. She knows how to use that as well. Shit, what was her name? Leona? Leana? Leanne! No, wait …

"Hey, sweetheart. You look good." I drag my eyes over her body appreciatively and she props her hand on her hip, narrowing her eyes at me.

"Not good enough to make you call." Ah, fuck. Okay, wing it.

I plaster on my most charming smile. "Look, I'm a busy guy. I'm not going to call you and ask you out when I know you could do better. You deserve a guy who can fucking devote himself to you." Her facial expression softens and I move closer to her, stroking a strand of jet black hair off her neck. "Women like you are rare gems. They should be coveted." I drop my voice to a deep whisper. She doesn't say anything, but her eyes flick to my lips and that tongue stud makes an appearance as she swipes her tongue over her bottom lip. I lean in and kiss her, caressing my tongue against hers. She moans against my lips and pulls away.

"Come dance with me?" She purrs, scraping her teeth over her bottom lip.

"Give me two minutes. I just need to make a call." She smiles and walks away. I bite down on my fist as I watch those perfect arse cheeks disappear.

I hear a low chuckle right beside me. "You know, you're good kid." I turn at the sound of the voice and come to face to face with the most suave looking motherfucker I've ever seen. He's tall, well over six foot, dark hair, chiseled jaw, broad shoulder, the whole hog. The suit he's wearing looks expensive as fuck and he narrows his eyes at me as he inhales on a cigar.

"Uh, thanks?"

His friend beside him laughs, and he's just as pimped out looking. He drops the cigar in his hand on the floor and stamps on it. "He could work." He says to the first guy. "Cougars will eat him up."

The first guy hasn't taken his eyes off me. "I'm Thor." He holds out his hand. "This is Xavier."

"Kaden." I say, still suspicious.

Thor blows out a slow stream of smoke and reaches into the inside pocket of his jacket, holding the cigar between his lips as he does. Extending his hand, he offers me a card. I take it, reading the lettering on the front. "Recherché." I say the word out loud. I turn it over and there's simply a number.

"I can make you more money than you can possibly dream of kid. Call me." And just like that he turns and disappears. What the hell?

One year later

Victoria's eyes fix on my crotch and a spark flashes through her eyes.

"Strip for me, Kaden." Her voice is low and husky. She gets up from the bed and goes to the iPod dock in the corner. Her black dress clings to her thighs and outlines her frame. She's a forty something widow with curves for days. She kind of has the whole Marilyn Monroe thing going on, but older.

She presses something and music fills the room. I raise my eyebrows at her. "Pony? Really?"

She smiles, and clasps her hands together in front of her as she approaches me. "Oh, indulge me." She reaches out and releases the top button of my shirt playfully. "Do a little magic for me."

I sigh and offer her a smirk that has her eyes focusing on my lips. I roll my hips on the beat of the music and reach for the next button on my shirt. She backs up and lays on the bed, pushing up on her elbows. I tease her, watching the anticipation build on her face as I move from one button to the next. When my shirt falls open her eyes light up, crawling over my abs like she's a woman starved.

Before I met Thor I always just saw sex and sexuality as a bonus. Women love me and I love them in return … for a night at least. Thor showed me that sex is power, and certain women will pay good money for that, because to conquer someone who has that kind of power, brings it's own rush. I don't pretend to fully understand it, but I'll take whatever this face brings me for right now.

When I'm standing in just my boxers she crooks her finger at me and I move forward. Sitting up, she slides her fingers just beneath the elastic of my boxers, biting her lips as she teases back and forth. I grip the nape of her neck and pull her towards me until her face is level with my stomach. She gasps, and her breath blows over my abs, her hands gripping my thighs for support. I watch as her eyes climb the length of my body until they hit mine. She stares at me as she slowly sticks her tongue out and swipes a wet trail right up the middle of my abs. My muscles tense in response and my dick twitches. Her fingers hook into the waistband of my boxers and she pulls them down, exposing my hard cock. She doesn't even give me a chance to step out of the material before she dives for me, swallowing my cock in one go. Holy fucking fuck! I've screwed my fair share of girls my own age, and I've never complained, but damn, there's something to be said for an older woman, the way they take what they want without apology and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. In the year since I've become an escort, I feel like I've had a re-education on the definition of good when it comes to sex. Victoria's hand fists the base of my dick hard as her lips go to town. She treats my dick like it's the most delicious thing she's ever tasted, and damn, it's fucking me up. I grab a handful of her hair and thrust forward into her face just as she pushes down on me. I let out a groan when I hit the back of her throat and she gags a little, following it up with a moan. She reaches her free hand between her legs and starts playing with herself. Victoria is one of those heaven fucking sent women who gets off on making a guy come. Li