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Lycan's Mate (Siberian Volkov Pack #12)

By´╝ÜCaryn Moya Block

Lycan's Mate (Siberian Volkov Pack #12)
Author: Caryn Moya Block

Chapter One

"Ms. Quiet Thunder," the secretary's voice came over the intercom, "I have a call for you from Mr. Solovyov on line one."

The soft earth tones of the office décor couldn't stop Gwen's heart from beginning to beat faster. "I'll pick up immediately," she said.

Grigori Solovyov, the owner of Solovyov Security was her boss. He was also the Alpha Lycan of England. Gwen took a deep breath and answered the phone.

"Gwen, good job on the Magic Herbs security camera placement," Grigori said, his softly Russian accented voice a delight to her ears. Gwen smiled and relaxed back into her chair. "I spoke with Brencis," he continued, "and he said you got the perfect angle. I need you to send him the photos of whoever stopped at the apartment door this afternoon. Ping his phone from now on anytime someone else shows up. We don't know who is stalking Meadow Seymour, but Brencis won't rest until he finds out."

"I'll do that right now. Is there anything else?" Gwen asked, a wave of please washing over her from the boss's compliment.

Files on their next security projects covered her desk and she pushed them aside looking for a notepad. She normally worked closely with Brencis in the home security system division. He was Grigori's cousin and the lycan pack's Beta. Brencis was out of the office for a few days while protecting Miss Seymour.

"Yes, I got a call from the security officer of the Sardinia Government Building on Lincoln's Inn Fields," Grigori said. "One of our cameras is malfunctioning, overlooking the loading dock. I'd like you to check it out. You know him, don't you?" Gwen stilled. Grigori supervised the corporate contracts. She'd only worked the home security side of the business before this request.

"Yes, Mr. Thomas. He used to come to the Knight Tea Shoppe next door where I worked before you employed me. He liked a special Russian black tea that had a smoky finish." Gwen wrote the address down. The Sardinia Government Building on Lincoln's Inn Fields was one of two government buildings that contracted with Solovyov Security.

"You women and your tea." Grigori laughed. "You know Brencis met Meadow buying tea for my wife."

Gwen chuckled and glanced at the mug on her desk. "Are you telling me I might meet my mate if I enjoy tea? We both know Mischa is in Montana. He never mentioned drinking tea."

"You should contact him and ask. You might be surprised how much you two have in common."

Gwen frowned, an ache piercing her heart where the mating bond connected her to the lycan male. "I need to get Brencis the photo you requested from this afternoon. Will you be coming into London today?"

"Melisande is having morning sickness. I don't want to leave her here at the hunting lodge alone." Gwen and the rest of the pack couldn't wait for the Alpha's new pup to arrive. "That's why I want you to call Mr. Thomas for me. And be careful, Gwen. There are too many strange things happening with the attack at the lodge last evening and the mercenaries claiming they wanted the government building security codes."

Gwen frowned. The idea that someone tried to break into the Alpha's lodge and blackmail Grigori to get the security codes was horrendous. Good thing it didn't work. Whoever ordered the attack didn't know they were messing with lycans.

"Thanks to you and the security system you put in place, my apartment building is pretty safe. Plus, you forget, I can disappear into a shadow anytime I want. My Shadow Walker ancestors saw to that, so no worries."

"Of course, I'm going to worry. You're pack now which makes you family. Call me if you need anything."

"I will, Alpha, goodbye." Gwen smiled. The added responsibility of contacting Mr. Thomas felt like a promotion.

Grigori and his American wife welcomed Gwen to England with open arms. They taught her how to accept her wolf half and even revel in the freedom that side of her psyche gave her.

In the past, being a Shadow Walker meant everything to Gwen. She couldn't accept her lycan half. But with Grigori's help, she'd learned she could benefit from being both lycan and Shadow Walker.

Now she only had to figure out how to accept her lycan mate, Mischa, before the separation became too much for him. She had always assumed she'd have a Shadow Walker mate, but she had to admit being separated felt like something was missing in her life. Her heart beat erratically even thinking of Mischa. She shuddered.

Gwen picked up the phone and called the security officer at the Sardinia Government Building. The phone rang several times before someone finally picked up.

"Security Office," a male voice said.

"Is Mr. Thomas there? This is Solovyov Security calling. I understand you have a broken camera overlooking the loading dock."

"Yeah, the camera comes on intermittently. It might have a short or something. Mr. Thomas isn't here right now, but if you come over Wednesday, he should be in."

"Okay." Gwen added the appointment into her calendar. "Could you let him know I'll be coming by? The name is Gwen Quiet Thunder."

"Sure, sure. I'll make a note of it in the log."

Gwen frowned at the phone. The security officer didn't seem too concerned about the camera not working properly. Did someone damage the equipment? Solovyov Security would replace the camera, but if there had been tampering, there would be fines since the government only leased the equipment.

Time passed quickly as Gwen worked on camera angles, heat sensor and motion sensor placements, and other myriad security system questions for their clients. Her thoughts were on a home security system for a local starlet when her secretary buzzed her.

"It's five o'clock, Ms. Quiet Thunder. If it's okay with you, I'll be leaving now."

"Five o'clock, already? Sure, go ahead. Lock up, will you? I'll see you tomorrow."

Gwen frowned, glancing at the clock. She contemplated whether to stay and finish the placement plans or finish them later. Since Mr. Thomas wasn't available until Wednesday, she'd have plenty of time to work on the starlet's project tomorrow.

Sighing, she closed down her computer and picked up her brown leather purse. Locking her office door from the inside and turning off the lights, she searched for a wavering shadow she could use to open a portal into the Shadow Dimension. She discovered one near the floor next to the door.


Putting her hands together, palm to palm, she pushed her fingers into the shadow until ice licked at the tips. The Shadow Dimension was always cold. She pulled her hands apart making an opening she could walk through and stepped into darkness. The black mist of Shadow writhed around her body as if inspecting her before falling to curl around her legs. Her tribal tattoo burned briefly, marking her as one allowed to enter this dimension so close to Earth.

Some Shadow Walkers thought the mist was sentient and that it acted as a protector to decide if the person entering was allowed into the dimension. If not, the person would end up frozen and lost in the dark vastness of the writhing and changing landscape of Shadow. Gwen's Native American ancestors had been granted permission to traverse the Shadow Dimension in return for their guardianship.

Gwen didn't mind the mist. The best thing about Shadow Walking was the translocating ability. By visualizing a place Gwen had visited before, she could traverse through space to that place in an instant.

She pictured her apartment building. A crevice around the corner from the entrance to the structure would work for her exit point. She visualized each brick, including the one with the small nick in the face. Her feet shifted beneath her like she stood on wet sand and in a blink she saw her building as if through a dirty window.