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Freaking Purrfect (Ridgeville #11)

By:Celia Kyle

Freaking Purrfect (Ridgeville #11)
Author: Celia Kyle


"Ladies, if someone tells you that you'll forget the pain of childbirth, they're straight up liars. The reminder of that pain is a whining, crying, poop factory that sticks around until its eighteen, and its sole purpose in life is to clam jam its mother when she wants to get her freak on." -- Maya O'Connell, Prima of the Ridgeville pride and woman who most recently had her taco block-o-ed by the aforementioned spawns of Satan.

Maya hadn't killed her children yet, and she didn't want to ruin a nice fourteen-year streak over a …

Screw it. Yes, yes she did want to ruin the streak.

She breathed deeply and sought calm, trying very hard not to scream the house down. Her inner lioness told her to rip their den apart with her bare claws until they found the little rodents.

Not that her kids were rodents, but it was easier to kill them if she thought of them as mice and not, well, her kids.

No, no, no … She couldn't get rid of them yet. She'd have to wait until after dinner. If she hunted them right that second, she'd have to explain everything to Alex, and then he'd try to be the one to kill them. He was not stealing her bloody, claw-tipped thunder this time. Which meant she had to keep her overwhelming ragefire-anyone but her kids would get hatefire-under wraps.

She drew in another slow breath, fighting for a calm that seemed totally out of reach, and got a lungful of … Alex.

Alex, her mate.

Alex, the father of her children.

Alex, worshipper of the vagina. At the moment, she really wished he was in a worshipping mood because that was the only thing that would fix the hot mess surrounding her. And by hot mess, she meant the completely missing spread of bow-chicka-bow-bow-inducing delicacies that'd previously decorated the dining room table. All that was left were a few scraps and very familiar claw marks marring the solid wood surface.

If she had to tell her kids no claws in the house one more time … Well, she already planned on murdering them, so she'd just make sure it was painful.

Her mate's heat bathed her back, his thickly muscled arms sliding around her waist, and she leaned into him. She allowed him to take her weight while she tipped her head to the side, silently asking for what she craved. Fifteen years of mated life and she still couldn't get enough of him. Enough of his touch, his kisses, the feel of him sliding between her thighs …

Alex lapped at her mating mark, the scarring on her shoulder that announced she was one hundred percent taken. She shuddered and swallowed the whimper that leapt to her lips, pushing it back so they didn't draw attention. Having kids also meant being quiet during bow-chicka-bow-bow times.

But he knew. He always knew. He chuckled, warm breath ghosting over her damp skin, and then clamped her flesh between his teeth. He bit down hard, not enough to break skin, but enough to make her body remember the night he'd first sunk his fangs into her. Her pussy clenched, memories of that night surging. That wasn't the only part of him that'd possessed her.

She let her eyes flutter closed, blinding her to the world that surrounded them, and she focused on her mate. Her lioness practically purred, the animal excited at having her mate so close. The beast wanted to rub all over him, coat them in his scent and then make sure he was coated in theirs.

Maya wiggled her ass, her pussy aching to be stretched by his cock. His rock hard cock. It nestled between her ass cheeks, his thick length prodding her rounded butt. Her center clenched, growing heavy and aching with a rising need. He could bend her over and …

Alex growled, his grip tightening, and small jolts of pain flared from her middle. His own lion wanted to come out and play, transitioning his human nails to a lion's claws. He could chase her through the forest and claim her once again. Fifteen years and she still wanted to be consumed by him at every opportunity.

The teeth clenching her shoulder lengthened and sharpened, his fangs growing to pointed tips that could easily sink through skin.

Maya pushed to her tiptoes, trying to force his hand to break through skin and renew her mating mark. Her clit twitched, anxious for Alex's attentions, while her nipples hardened and formed tight peaks. Her lioness purred and snarled, alternating between begging and demanding Alex get on with it already.

Chase her. Bend her over a stump. Claim her in front of the whole pride if he wanted to, but she … needed …

A bone-deep shudder raced through her, pushing her to the very edge of release, and she let loose a pleading whine. If he sucked a little harder … If he bit a little deeper … If he growled …

If he did, she'd come. Right then. Right there. In the middle of-


Nothing killed happy sexytimes better than an eight-year-old.

Speaking of killing …

Maya straightened her spine and lifted her weight from Alex, all the while pretending she hadn't been two breaths from a wonderful Big-ish O.

The Big Big O actually came (snerk) during one of those fun chasey, claimy nights.

Her mate remained behind her, his whole body shaking while he buried his face in the hair at the back of her head. His cock remained a hard, solid presence and she once again hated the little snot nearby more than a tiny bit.

Maya pretended Alex wasn't silently laughing like a loon-he always thought being interrupted by the kids was hilarious-and focused on the small creature.

Creature being the operative word. What had happened to her little ball of adorable pink fluff of awesome?

"I grew up, Mom." Said ex-adorable ball of pink fluff of awesome sighed. "And pink? Gag."

Maya was pretty sure her daughter's first word had been gag. Not Mama or Dada. Or even theory of relativity like her BFF's kid, Cora.

Maya used to put cute little pink dresses on her daughter and then … gag.

At that moment, seven and a half years ago, her life had ended and hell began.

"What do you need, Harper?" Alex's muffled voice came from behind her, his deep tone vibrating through her still aroused body. Each syllable plucked her nerves, reminding her of what she'd been so close to mere moments before.

Before the hell spawn interrupted.

"The guests are arriving, and Aunt Carly said it's rude to stay inside and bump booties while everyone else is hungry." Harper jerked her tiny head in a small nod, those golden curls bouncing, before spinning on her heel and stomping toward the back door.


"Guests? Carly?" Those large, strong hands slid from her waist, up her sides and didn't stop until he cupped her shoulders. He encouraged her to turn and she moved with him. "Bump booties?"

Maya stared into those amber hued eyes. Eyes that would transition to a deep gold when he was close to losing control because he wanted her so much. Then they'd spark a bright yellow when angry.

She was pretty sure he was about to be angry, which totally couldn't happen because she was killing the kids first, dammit. They had ruined her plans-not his.

He hadn't bought the perfect steaks.

He hadn't hunted a great bottle of wine.

He hadn't bribed her guards to be busy for the evening. Well, longer distance busy-but-not-busy since they still needed protection. Just not all up on the front lawn protection. Maya made plans to make Alex roar, and the guys didn't need to hear all that.

Well, she'd had plans.

Plans her children apparently ate, which resulted in "Aunt Carly" but minus bumping booties.

"You have to promise not to kill anyone." She raised her eyebrows and pointed at her mate, squinting her eyes slightly in a glare. She wanted his promise because she was going first, dammit.

"Maya?" He said her name but it had that tone. The one that said so much