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Forbidden Love (Love Stings #3)

By:Evan Grace

Forbidden Love (Love Stings #3)
Author: Evan Grace

Chapter One

The apartment that my parents are helping me rent is in front of me, and a sense of excitement runs through me. Last year I stayed in the dorms, and it wasn't bad-it just wasn't good either. My roommate was a party girl, and I was not. My dad about had a nervous breakdown when he found out I was moving into co-ed dorms last year.

My dad is a little on the overprotective side. … Okay, little is putting it mildly. My dad would keep me and my sisters locked away if he could. I'm okay with it. I'm a total daddy's girl. He and I have always had a special bond. I'm even going to Tulane to major in architecture and minor in business. My hope is to work alongside my dad and uncles. They run the construction and restoration company that my grandpa and his best friend started a long time ago.

Since I was little, I used to go to work with my dad whenever I could and soak up all of the knowledge I got from watching him work. It was a natural next step to go to his alma mater.

My mom and I climb out of my car, and my dad and uncle climb out of the moving truck.

"I don't like it," I hear my dad say from behind me. "That's it-we're moving you home."

"Daddy, you don't mean that. This is a safe building. You have to buzz to get in."

When I first approached my parents about living off campus, my mom was all for it, but my dad took a little convincing. He only agreed when I let him help me search. We found the perfect spot. I'm five minutes from campus and close to the campus library where I work.

It's a one-bedroom apartment with a tiny eat-in kitchen and a cute little deck that I'll be able to sit out on. We all work together to get my stuff unloaded. My mom and I found the cutest used furniture at a flea market that gives my place a kitschy look, which is just my style. My dad calls me his little hippie chick. My dark hair hangs down to my lower back in wild waves, and I wear a lot of maxi skirts or dresses and bangles on my wrists and ears full of earrings.

Once the last box is brought in, my dad and uncle go to get us pizza, and I sit on my love seat with my mom. "I love this place, Mom. Thank you for all of your help."

She kisses my forehead. "You bet, baby. I hope you have such a good time, but not too good," she says with a goofy smile on her face.

"Please, I'll be too busy studying to have any fun at all. I have Professor Torres for studio work in architectural design. I guess he's really tough and kind of an asshole, but I can handle him. I hope."

"Well, don't let him intimidate you. You're a brilliant girl-a straight-A student and you're an amazing drawer. You get all of that from your daddy, and that's okay because you look just like me."

My dad and uncle return a short time later, and the four of us sit around my living room eating. They're staying the night with me tonight since it's about a ten-hour drive to get home. Since it's only six, my mom and I start unpacking and making up my bed. Uncle Dylan, my dad's twin, and my dad set up my bedroom first. My place is small so it doesn't take long before most of my stuff is up or put away.

I let my parents use my bed with the promise of no monkey business … gross. My uncle blows up the two air mattresses they brought, and I help him make them up. "Thank you for helping today." He flashes me a smile, and it hits me that if I didn't know better, I would think that my dad and uncle were identical twins. They're the only set of fraternal twins I know that look so much alike.

"You're welcome, sweetheart. We're all so proud of you and what you've accomplished. It means so much that you want to follow in your old man's footsteps." I wrap my arms around my uncle, and after I hug him, I head into the bathroom to get ready for bed.


I stand on the sidewalk and hug my mom tightly. After going out for breakfast, we came back to my apartment and I listened to my dad and uncle's safety speech. They left mace, a rape whistle, and a blade that looked like a tube of lipstick. I know they mean well and the only reason why they're so overprotective is that my cousin Abby, Uncle Dylan's oldest, was sexually assaulted almost three years ago. It had been bad and then really bad and then better. Now she's married to a gorgeous deputy and the mom to Natalie, Ben's daughter that she officially adopted.

Actually, before I left, they announced that Abby's having a baby. We're all so thrilled for them.

My mom lets me go, and my uncle scoots in front of my dad and scoops me up into a bear hug. "Study hard, no boys." He says the last little bit with a laugh.

"Sure thing. Send my love to Abby, and tell her I expect baby updates." Just the mention of his new grandbaby has him smiling widely.

"You've got it." He kisses her cheek and then helps my mom up into the truck while my dad walks toward me.

"Hey, Daddy." My dad and I have always shared a special bond. Even when I was little, I was attached to his hip. I'm not ashamed at all that I'm a daddy's girl. I've always been able to tell him anything-my hopes, dreams, and fears. He knows that I know about what happened to my mom right before they found out they were having me. I had been doing a family project and found the police reports buried under a bunch of papers. The guy she dated right before Dad turned out to be married, but he was obsessed with my mom and tried to trap her with a baby. He eventually almost killed her but then killed himself.

I started having panic attacks after I found out. Scared that the monster who hurt my mom was actually my father. Dad was great and loaded me up in the car and took me to get a DNA test just so it'd ease my mind, and sure enough, I was 100 percent his kid. We never told Mom because she'd lived through that trauma and I'd never want her to have to relive it.

"Your old man i