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Hipster Brothel

By:K.A. Merikan

As lame as it had been, Mr. B didn't seem to mind, and they even went out for dinner after that memorable training. Since then, Jo's attraction to Mr. B had been only a niggle at the back of his mind. Until last year when it had unexpectedly developed into a crush so intense Jo could hardly even date after breaking up with his last serious girlfriend, Juniper.

Jo berated himself for wondering about it too much when he realized he'd missed the first half of Mr. B's sentence.

"-if I should even be called 'Mr. B' anymore. I got the nickname because I was Mr. A's boyfriend, and now it's so ingrained in me, I don't wanna change it. It's a part of my identity. He can't just take it away."

Jo nodded quickly. He thought the name 'Bernard' was pretty cute, but he'd only ever known Mr. B as … well, Mr. B. "If you like it, it's yours. Arnold can go suck it."

Mentioning Mr. A's name did the trick and made Mr. B smile a bit. Arnold hated his name and it was why he got himself the nickname in the first place.

"Fuck. I don't know where the glasses are." Mr. B looked around the cardboard boxes he must have packed in a rush to leave Mr. A's house. "Will these do?" He raised his eyebrows and pointed to empty jam jars standing on top of one of the boxes.

Jo shrugged and pulled his long hair loose to readjust the bun at the top of his head, as it had gotten messy during the long ride from town. "Sure. They'll hold more," he said, smirking at Mr. B.

Mr. B looked contemplative for a few seconds. "So … I never told you this, but a few months back, Mr. A … he told me he wanted to have an open relationship." Mr. B poured the orange booze into the jars with a deep frown marring his forehead. Even his usually sleek short haircut was a mess today.

Jo frowned, unsure what he was supposed to think. It seemed like a popular thing to do among gay guys, and he himself had done it with one of his former girlfriends a few years back, but the look on Mr. B's handsome, usually smiley face made him shut up and listen.

Mr. B passed Jo a jar that smelled … intense. It had to be one of Mr. B's homemade concoctions. "I didn't know what to do about it. But I thought to myself that I could try it. If he was so desperate to fuck other people, maybe it would let him … I don't even know what I thought." Mr. B took a big gulp from the jar. "He kept finding new guys to sleep with, and I was more and more confused by how our relationship was supposed to work in this new setting. I don't even know when we drifted apart so much."

Jo sucked in his lips, watching the badly-hidden pain pass over Mr. B's face, and he was at a loss, squeezing his hands over the jar. Seconds later, he shifted to sit next to his friend and put his arm around him before clinking their makeshift glasses. He knew Mr. B long enough to be aware of how physical he was with his feelings. Jo first noticed something was amiss in Mr. B's relationship when they were all at a bar and Mr. A told Mr. B he was being clingy. Jo hadn't thought too much of it back then, but things had deteriorated fast.

With Mr. B's strong yet warm and cuddly body pressing against him, Jo caught himself salivating at the scent of his friend yet again. If he made a move on Mr. B now, would he be rejected? It seemed like a good opportunity to finally come forward about his feelings, but with Mr. B still so clearly not over Mr. A, this would have made Jo a rebound.

There were many things he wished he could be for Mr. B, but a rebound wasn't one of them.

Mr. B welcomed the closeness and sniffed. "Even last year, I still thought that Mr. A and I had a future together, but in the last few months … I kinda saw it coming, I just didn't know how to let go. I lived with him, worked at the furniture shop, and I haven't been single in years. I still don't think it's hit me yet." He shook his head, oblivious to Jo's conflicted feelings.

There was literally nothing Jo wanted more than making Mr. B feel better. Seeing this man, whose sunny personality had drawn Jo to him in the first place, so subdued was almost physically painful. But then again, Jo wasn't sure how to act. Never before Mr. B had there been a man in Jo's life who seemed worth the effort of coming out of his bisexual closet. Jo loved women. He could date them, have fun with them, and make his parents happy while still being an ally of the LGBT community.

Only he was a part of the LGBT community, a fact that even his best friend didn't know. And maybe that was exactly why Mr. B had gotten so close to Jo in the first place? As a 'straight' guy, he was as safe of a friend as a gay guy was to a woman. Mr. B could cry his heart out on Jo's shoulder and be certain that Jo would not take advantage of his vulnerability.

And all the while, Jo had been secretly entertaining thoughts of what he'd do once Mr. B was single again. He had whole scenes planned out in his head, but now that the possibility of putting them into practice was there, Jo couldn't help the anxiety of having to actually confront his bisexuality head-on, instead of just watching porn.

"I'm so sorry. You deserve someone who doesn't see the world beyond you. You are the best guy I know," Jo whispered, slowly turning his head to look at Mr. B. His chin rubbed against the softness of Mr. B's cheek as they looked at one another.

Mr. B smiled slightly and took a few gulps of the alcohol. "And that's why I hoped you'd come over. I need someone positive. I will not be sitting around and mourning Mr. A dumping me. I need a game plan. I have to get a new job, 'cause the savings will only last me for a while. At least I don't have to pay rent here, since it's my brother's land."

Jo swallowed and raised his hand, dazedly smoothing out some of the stray hairs on the side of Mr. B's beard. They were so soft he wanted to just bury his whole face in the thick facial hair. He himself alterna