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A Touch Of Lust

By:Michelle Horst

s as I try to not cry, but it's useless because the tears start rolling over my cheeks.

I look up at Mila – my Mila.

I can't get any words out as the moment is overwhelming me with joy.

She kneels in front of me and then she brings her hands to my cheeks. She caresses the tears away with her thumbs and then presses a kiss to my lips.

She takes my hand and holds it to her stomach and then looks up at me with a brilliant smile.

"Our child … our love."

A letter from me to you …

This book almost didn't happen.

I know you want your happily-ever-after for Mila and Claire, but things don't always work out as we planned.

I know you want David dead, but sometimes bad triumphs good.

This story is not about being reunited or getting revenge – this story is learning to live when it feels like you've failed. This story is about forgiving yourself for matters outside of your control.

It's about learning to treasure what you do have, instead of pining away for what you don't have.

It's a scary thought – being alone.

We attach ourselves to people to the point where we lose the person we are. We convince ourselves that we wouldn't last a single day without them.

I believe life has a way of yanking you back onto your feet.

It forces you out of your comfort zone so you won't lose yourself completely.

When the sharp edges of the pain have subsided, you're left with only one thing to do – you have to face yourself.

I've learned that at the end of the day, people come and go – but only one remains a constant.


Fight for yourself. Be strong for yourself.

You deserve someone who won't leave you behind – and that someone is you.

You deserve to trust someone unconditionally – that someone is you.

You deserve to love someone with all your heart and soul – that someone is you.

If you're going to give it all, then give your all to you.