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The Unmasked CEO (Captured by Love #7)

By´╝ÜMiranda P. Charles

He rubbed his chin, wavering in his decision to make the trip short. The weekly phone calls, he knew, didn't make up for his recent physical absence.

"Okay, Gran," he said, grasping Magda's hand. "I'll make arrangements so I can do my work on board the ship and stay with you for the whole month."

"Oh, thank you, Zach. I do miss you, you know," Magda said delightedly.

"I know," he responded as he got up. "I have to go and tidy up a few things before we leave tomorrow."

"Okay. Make sure you're free to join us for dinner tomorrow night-our first night on the ship."

"Who's 'us', by the way?"

"Well, there's your Grand-Auntie Miriam," Magda responded.

Zach nodded, not minding the thought of spending time with Magda's younger sister.

"And I've invited Phillip Lee."

Zach hid his grimace, not looking forward to socialising with the man. Phillip had been the bearer of hurtful news that Zach would rather forget, and lately, he'd been noticing repressed antagonism from Phillip directed toward him.

But Phillip's late mother was Magda's best friend, and Phillip was someone that Magda considered a nephew even though he wasn't blood related.

"That's very surprising that you've asked him to come," he commented casually.

"I felt sorry for him," Magda said with a sigh. "Did you know that the company he worked for went bankrupt a month ago?"

"Yes, I've heard about that," Zach said. Phillip had been hounding him and his brothers for a job at The Carmichael Corporation.

"Well, he was telling me the other day how lost and lonely he felt. So I asked him to join us. I'm paying for his expenses."

Zach simply nodded. His grandmother had a heart of gold.

"I've also invited my friends Olga and Debra to join us on this trip," Magda continued. "Their granddaughters are accompanying them."

This time, Zach couldn't help groaning out loud. He'd bet the granddaughter Debra was bringing with her was Vicky-a woman he'd had sex with four times in the last couple of months.

It was Vicky who'd offered a casual liaison agreement with him, since neither of them was interested in a committed relationship. But lately, she'd started to ask him out to dinners and events. He'd been quick to decline, reminding her of how it was between them. He wasn't interested in anything long-term with Vicky and didn't want her to have misconceptions.

At least Vicky was being as tight-lipped as he was about their arrangement. He could just imagine how their grandmothers would enthusiastically embrace the possibility of their grandkids married off to each other if they knew. He shuddered at the thought.

"Don't even think about pairing me off with anyone while on this trip, Grandmother," he warned.

Magda laughed at his tone. "If you insist."

"Oh, I insist, Gran."

"Fine, I won't," Magda said readily.

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, Zach. By the way, my nurses will also be joining us for the trip."

"Your nurses?" Zach asked in surprise.

"Yes. Even though I'm fit and well, you never know what might happen while we're at sea. Better that they're on hand."

His heart hammered in his chest. "Who... uh... have I met these nurses before?"

"Yes. Rebecca and Sarah. They're those lovely girls who helped me recover from my hip replacement. You remember them, don't you?"

He paled.

Rebecca. She was going to be there. On the ship. With him. For a month.

"Don't tell me you can't remember them, Zach. They looked after me for six months."

He roused himself from his shock. "Sure, I remember them. I'll... uh... see you tomorrow."


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About the Author

Miranda P. Charles is the author of more than eighteen steamy, stirring and suspenseful contemporary romance novels.

She prefers to spend her time in front of her laptop, putting into words the love stories that play in her head, or reading books that she can't put down.

She does have a life outside of books. Mostly, that consists of bonding with family and friends or going on romantic trips with her awesome husband, who, thankfully, puts up with her hermit-like daily routine.

She lives in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.

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