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Summer Nights

By:J.M. Sevilla

r families pitching in to help with whatever they could, making us even more aware of how important they all were to our lives and how family isn't always blood-related. Because of her death, he doesn't smoke anymore and gets checkups obsessively, waking up in a cold sweat sometimes that it will happen to him too.

"It's freaky how much Sam and Dan look like Danny and Tag when they were that age," Sam remarks after she sees them motion to each other from across the field.

"It really is," I reply. They're practically replicas of their fathers.

I notice both Haven and Faith keep looking to Reese. Not good.

I check on Alice, who is still happily running around with Tuesday.

Danny leans forward on his knees, absorbed in the game. After it's over, he and Samuel will talk obsessively about how everything played out, the good parts and the bad.

A smile stays on my face as I watch the next generation play. I can't help but think about Mrs. Fraser, and how having us all together makes my cup spill over with all of my joys.

I take in a deep breath, the air already thickening with heat. I can hardly wait for summer to arrive. With summer comes my favorite time of year: summer nights.

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