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The Host (The Host #1)

By´╝ÜStephenie Meyer

egun, was already nearly forged. But this long, unbroken kiss finished it, searing and sharp edged - it shoved this new creation, all hissing, into the cold water that made it hard and final. Unbreakable.

And I started to cry again, realizing that it must be changing him, too, this man who was kind enough to be a soul but strong as only a human could be.

He moved his lips to my eyes, but it was too late. It was done. "Don't cry, Wanda. Don't cry. You're staying with me."

19. "The Hand That Feeds," Nine Inch Nails

Wanderer, Chapter 51: "Prepared," page 461

My eyes were locked on my feet as I climbed down. It was necessary; there was no path, and the loose rocks made for treacherous footing. But even if the way had been paved and smooth, I doubted I would have been able to lift my eyes. My shoulders, too, seemed trapped in a slump.

Traitor. Not a misfit, not a wanderer. Just a traitor. I was putting my gentle brothers' and sisters' lives into the angry and motivated hands of my adopted human family.

My humans had every right to hate the souls. This was a war, and I was giving them a weapon. A way to kill with impunity.

20. "My Body Is a Cage," Arcade Fire

Wanderer, Chapter 57: "Completed," page 514

I stared into Jared's eyes, and the strangest thing happened. All the melting and melding I had just been through was shoved aside, into the smallest part of my body, the little corner that I took up physically. The rest of me yearned toward Jared with the same desperate, half-crazed hunger I'd felt since the first time I'd seen him here. This body barely belonged to me or to Melanie - it belonged to him.

There really wasn't room enough for the two of us in here.

21. "Rescued," Jack's Mannequin

Wanderer/Jared, Chapter 58: "Finished," page 524

"Stay here, Wanda. With us. With me. I don't want you to go. Please. I can't imagine having you gone. I can't see that. I don't know how to . . . how to . . ." His voice broke.

He was a very good liar. And he must have been very, very sure of me to say those things.

I rested against him for a moment, but I could feel the time pulling me away. Time was up. Time was up.

22. "Original of the Species," U2

Ian, Chapter 57: "Completed," page 521

"I truly love you, Ian." It was the only way I could tell him goodbye. The only way he would accept. I knew he would remember later and understand. "With my whole soul, I love you."

"I truly love you, too, my Wanderer."

He nuzzled his face against mine until he found my lips, then he kissed me, slow and gentle, the flow of molten rock swelling languidly in the dark at the center of the earth, until my shaking slowed.

23. "The Last Song," The All-American Rejects

Wanderer, Chapter 58: "Finished," page 524

No one had ever lied better than Jared lied with his body in my last minutes, and for that I was grateful. I couldn't take it with me, because I wasn't going anywhere, but it eased some of the pain of leaving. I could believe the lie. I could believe that he would miss me so much that it might even mar some of his joy. I shouldn't want that, but it felt good to believe it anyway.

24. "Beautiful Day," U2

Wanderer, Chapter 59: "Remembered," page 536

Happy and sad, elated and miserable, secure and afraid, loved and denied, patient and angry, peaceful and wild, complete and empty . . . all of it. I would feel everything. It would all be mine.