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Tangled (The Moreno Brothers #5.5)

By:Elizabeth Reyes


Thank you to Theresa (Eagle Eyes) Wegand, my one-stop superhero beta reader/editor/formatter, listener to all my whiny rants/vents and obsessive worrying, and friend. As always, your work is impeccable, and I can't say enough about it. I hope to be working with you for years to come! Thank you so much!

I want to give a special shout out to "my FP girls," my incredibly talented group of superstar authors. I've said it before and can't say it enough I'm very blessed to have met you all and I'm so glad that we've stuck it out all these years. Some days I don't know how I'd make it without you wonderful ladies! Here's to many more!

I'd also like to thank my cover artist, Amanda Simpson at Pixel Mischief Design. Felix was probably my favorite cover of all time, but Tangled is a close second. So sexy, so playful, so intense, so Romero! You nailed it! Thank you, you've been awesome, and your work speaks for itself. I'm so excited about working with you on future projects!

A big shout-out goes to my good friend, Jamie Salsbury, for introducing me to my new cover artist. Also for being such a good friend/cheerleader and listening to all my head banging and whining about writing blurbs among other things! ;)

Thank you to all my readers! Without your continued support and enthusiasm, none of this could be possible. When I write novellas about previous characters, I get very excited because the whole time I'm thinking of you guys! You are the ones who make me LOVE my career!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my "Royals" on Team Reyes. My little Street Team and cheering squad! Every day I peek in to see what you guys are all chatting about, and there is always so much love and excitement I have no idea how I got so lucky! Last I checked there are close to 400 and counting! The future excites me!

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes, was born and raised in southern California and still lives there with her husband of almost twenty-one years, her two teens, her Great Dane named Dexter, and one big fat cat named Tyson.

She spends eighty percent of time in front of her computer, writing and keeping up with all the social media, and loves it. She says that there is nothing better than doing what you absolutely love for a living, and she eats, sleeps, and breathes these stories, which are constantly begging to be written.

Representation: Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich now handles all questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of Ms. Reyes' work. Please direct inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights availability to her.

For more information on her upcoming projects and to connect with her--she loves hearing from you all-here are a few places you can find her:

Blog: ElizabethReyes

Facebook fan page:pages/Elizabeth-Reyes/278724885527554


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