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Tangled (The Moreno Brothers #5.5)

By:Elizabeth Reyes

red, straightening out and looking around.

"Yeah, I better," he agreed quickly, already having to adjust his crotch. "Damn!"

Izzy giggled as she opened a bottle of iced tea and took a swig. She leaned her elbows on the counter, tempting Romero to caress her ass again, but he didn't. Maybe if it were closer to the kids' bedtime he would, but if he kept on, it would just be torture until they finally fell asleep that night.

"So Elliot agreed that he's good with me coming in only when the kids are in school." Izzy screwed the top of her bottle back on, looking out at the play set where the kids played. "But twice a week he works in the evening, so I thought since you're home in the evenings most the time-maybe just to change it up or if something's going on where I need to be at the kids' school that day-I can do some evening work instead."

Talk about a boner killer. Romero's eyes immediately zeroed in on hers. But after years of working on it, he managed to keep his temper down to a mere sizzle. "Evening work?"

Izzy's hand was immediately on his arm. "He has an evening class twice a week. But if I do decide to go in at night, I'd only do it once a week." Her hand squeezed his upper arm, sliding up and down slowly. "Wow, you really are tense." She leaned over and lifted his sleeve, sprinkling kisses on his outer bicep. "We're definitely gonna have to do something about this tonight."

Before he could comment on that or any of what she'd just laid on him, their daughter Mandy squealed, wrapping herself around his legs."

Within seconds, both his kids were running around Izzy and him, trying to tag each other. When they declared they were hungry, Izzy began putting plates together.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful with no more mention of Izzy's new job. Manny and Max didn't even comment when Romeo asked Izzy to help him with his bath later in the evening. But Romero did catch the exchanged smirks as he walked them out.

"He doesn't know how to work the jets in our bathtub, okay?" Romero clarified as he walked them out.

Neither commented, but Max did have more to say about her going back to work. "I just don't get why she wouldn't wait to go back to work until after he's settled in school. Remember pre-K wasn't such a smooth transition for Mandy. And your boy, well-"

"It's not full-time, Max," Romero reminded Max, closing the door behind him as they all stepped out. "She'll be there to drop him off and pick him up from school."

It was hard enough he had to play the part of the husband who was entirely supportive of Izzy going back to work. He didn't need her hearing that his uncles had issues with it too.

Fortunately, the subject was quickly switched to Max's new luxury car as he showed off a few more of the gadgets it had. Romero managed to keep the conversation on Max's car until they left. He stood there as Max drove away painfully slowly. As if his driving weren't bad enough before, Max would now be driving even more "carefully," which meant all the assholes who didn't like driving the speed limit could just go around him. By the time Romero cleaned up the barbeque area and the kitchen, Izzy had both kids ready for bed.

Time to go release some of the pent-up tension that'd only built up the longer he cleaned quietly. The unsettling thoughts, not just of Izzy going back to work but to be some dude's assistant, sunk in even further.




t felt like old times-like when they'd first lived together and started their married life-when their lovemaking was always a long incredible marathon. You would think after all the time they'd already spent in bed tonight they'd be worn out. Yet there they were in the shower for a reason: because they'd been drenched in sweat after such an amazing lovemaking session. And they were as excited as teenagers.

Isabel kissed Romero madly as he slammed into her against the shower wall. As he pumped into her a few more times until he came with a grunt, she wrapped her legs around him tightly, feeling that all-familiar sensation overwhelm her.

"Oh my God!" She gasped as her body continued to tremble, holding on to him firmly because she didn't want it to end. "That was . . ." she said breathlessly as she began to un-wrap her legs from his body.

"Something," he said, leaning his hard, wet body against her and kissing her softy then touching his forehead to her shoulder. "Something we need to do more often."

She smiled, still panting for air. Now she felt ready to collapse, and if Romero's heartbeat against her chest were any indication, so was he.

They rinsed off for the last time and got out. Isabel wrapped the towel around herself then around her head. Romero had already walked out into their bedroom in search of underwear, no doubt, the only thing he wore to bed. If it weren't for the possibility of the kids walking in, he'd still be wearing what he used to wear to bed before the kids were born-nothing.

Watching him walk around in his sexy-as-all-hell snug boxer briefs made her smile. She'd been right earlier about his workouts paying off. He'd never lost that tight look and those brawny muscles, but he'd pointed out a few months ago that his abs weren't what they used to be ever since he starting slacking off from his workouts. The extra time he used to put in the gym he'd been spending with the kids instead, but lately, with the Amanda in school full-time now and Romeo in pre-K, her husband had stepped it up again, and he was even more breathtaking than usual.

"That was nice," she murmured as she walked out of the restroom. "I'm surprised we didn't get interrupted."

He looked up at her and stopped, flashing that smirk of his, which even after all these years still made her insides warm. "That was fucking amazing. And I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I'm telling you it's gonna start happenin