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The Ex Games 2 (The Ex Games #2)

By:J. S. Cooper

"Oh, I see."

"But I proposed to Maria for all the wrong reasons. We ended up breaking up four weeks into the semester."

"What?" I looked at him in shock and he laughed.

"And she keyed my car." His hand crept up my shirt and he gasped as he touched my naked breast. "You're not wearing a bra?"

"I didn't feel like it."

"You didn't go out like this, did you?" He pulled away from me, and this time it was he who had the jealous expression.

"What if I did?"

"I don't want other men seeing you."

"I had on a top, Brandon." I rolled my eyes. "I wasn't naked."

"But still," his eyes glazed over as he looked at my chest. "Men know."

"You're just trying to change the subject." I pouted at him and pulled away.

"Katie, listen to me good. I love you. I'm with you. Yes, I was engaged once. But only because I was young and dumb. I'm not a liar and I'm not a cheat." He paused and pulled me towards him. "I won't lie to you, Katie. Know that if there is someone else, I will tell you. Don't listen to anything you hear about me, unless it comes from me."

"I just want to be your number one." I melted against him as he kissed me. I felt so loved when I was with Brandon, but I also felt so insecure. I always felt like one day I was going to wake up and he was going to be done with me.

"You're my only one, Katie." He whispered against my mouth. "The only one." He pushed me back down on the couch and pulled my T-shirt up. He kissed my stomach lightly and I waited in sweet anticipation to see if his mouth was going to go north or south. My whole body was tingling in excitement as I waited to see what he was going to do.

"Do you trust me, Katie?" He raised his head and I moaned aloud, disappointed that his tongue hadn't travelled to either part of my body.

"Yes," I groaned. "Of course."

"Let's go out."

"What?" I shook my head frustrated. "I don't want to go out."

"What would you rather do?" He smiled wickedly.

"I want to make love." I groaned and reached for him. "Make love to me."

"I will," He grinned. "Eventually."

"What do you mean eventually?" I made a face.

"Let's have some fun first."

"What kind of fun?"

"I want to take you somewhere."


"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because then it wouldn't be a surprise."

"You never said it was going to be a surprise."

"Well, I'm saying that now." He jumped up and pulled me up with him. "Come on, Katie."

"I don't want to go." I shook my head childishly and wiped my tears away. "Not unless you tell me where we are going."

"I want to take you to an art exhibit at the Met." He sighed and shook his head. "I wanted it to be a surprise because I wanted you to meet the artist."

"Oh." I made a face. "Sorry, I didn't realize."

"And I wanted to have sex with you behind one of the sculptures." He grinned at me with vulture eyes.

"Brandon," I laughed and jumped up eagerly. "Let's go."

"You're my eager beaver." He swung me around. "If I'd known you'd be this excited, I would have told you right away."

"I like trying new things with you." I paused and touched his face. "Unless we get caught. If we get caught I'll kill you."

"Don't worry, if you get caught and you get a record and your job finds out and they fire you, you can just come and work for me."

"Yeah, sure." I pressed my face into his chest so that he couldn't see the rising red in my face. Every time he brought up my job I felt a burning wave of shame and horror fill me up.

"We won't get caught, though." He hugged me to him. "Go and put on a dress. Not too long."

"Okay." I grinned back at him wickedly, excited about what he had planned for us.

"Oh, and Katie?"

"Yes?" I turned back to look at him as I walked into the bedroom.

"No need to put any underwear on."

"Okay." I smiled at him and he winked back at me. My body rose in temperature and I giggled as I looked through all my new dresses, deciding what to wear, all thoughts of the phone call long gone.

"You look gorgeous." Brandon's eyes widened as I walked out of the bedroom in my flowy white dress and light pink lipstick. "Your hair." He touched it lightly. "It's so wavy."

"As opposed to frizzy?" I smiled, joyous at the appreciative looks he kept giving me.

"I don't even know if I'm going to be able to leave the house." He shook his head as he kept staring at me. "Your breasts are telling me you feel the same."

"Huh?" I looked down and saw my nipples poking through my top. "Oh, maybe I should put a bra on."

"No." He shook his head. "I want easy access."

"But other guys..."

"Other guys can fuck off. You're all mine. If I even see one looking at you, they won't know what's hit them."

"Oh, Brandon." I rolled my eyes and rubbed his jaw line. "You look sexy when you don't shave."

"You like the stubble, huh?"

"Yeah." I nodded and blushed. "It tickles."

"Tickles?" He frowned, and then he grinned at me as he understood. "I guess it's a good contrast to my tongue."

"Yeah, the rough and the smooth turns me on."

"Katie." He groaned. "You don't want us to go out, do you?" He pulled me towards him and kissed me hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth and sucking mine as if it were his favorite lollipop. I reached down and rubbed his cock and it was already hard.

"I think you're the one that doesn't want to go out anymore." I teased him as I pulled back from him. I reached my hand down his pants and held him for a few seconds before slowly running my fingers down to his balls and squeezing.

"Shit, Katie." He groaned and closed his eyes.

"Shhh." I whispered, using my hand to unzip his pants and pull his now extremely hard cock out of his pants. "No ones going to miss us if we're a few minutes late." His cock sprang free and I allowed my fingers to trace a light line along his shaft before squeezing the tip.