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The Ex Games 2 (The Ex Games #2)

By:J. S. Cooper

for what? I shook my head and sighed. I had to go back and explain to him that it wasn't his fault. I didn't want him to hate me. I wanted him to know that there were things I had really liked about him. I didn't want to leave the apartment with Matt feeling like he'd been used. I'd felt that way before, and I knew how horrible it was. I walked back toward the living room to apologize once again for how everything had gone, but he wasn't there. I walked slowly toward the bedroom, half afraid that I would see him crying or something. I knew he was a man, but I'd never really witnessed how emotional men did or didn't get at the end of a relationship. I reached the door of his bedroom and stood in the open doorway. Matt's back was to me, and I reached to knock on the door to alert him of my presence when he pulled out his phone and dialed some numbers. I decided to wait until he was done with the call and just stood there for a moment.

"Mr. Hastings, please." His voice was worried and slightly urgent as he spoke. "Hey, Brandon. It's Matt. We have a problem."

The End

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