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The Game Changer (The Perfect Game #2)

By:J. Sterling

forever if you don't go drag her out of there. I'll see you soon," I said, leaning my cheek against the door.

With another hasty knock on Dean's door, I yelled, "Today little brother! Let's go!" Since he obviously couldn't be trusted alone with Melissa, I waited for him to come out of his room before I walked back outside. I nudged him as we headed down the aisle toward the tree. "Really couldn't wait until later?" I whispered.

"You kidding me? With her, later might mean never. I gotta take what I can get."

I shook my head. "I do not envy you, brother."

"Yeah?" He gave me a look. "Well, I sure as shit envy you."

"You should," I told him and I meant it.

If I weren't me, I'd envy me. I shifted my weight between my legs as I waited for the best day of my life to begin. People always talk about being nervous on their wedding day, but I wasn't. If any emotion surged through my body, it was excitement. I couldn't wait to make this girl my wife and spend the rest of my life making her smile.

The processional music started and everyone rose to their feet. I stared at the back door as if my life depended on it. Melissa walked out first, a huge smile on her face. I noticed that she locked eyes with Dean and never stopped looking at him her entire walk down the aisle. She wasn't fooling anyone.

All my thoughts disappeared, my mind going blank, the moment I saw Cass in the shadows. When she stepped out of the darkness and into the backyard, my heart jumped from my chest and flew into her hands. She looked so fucking beautiful walking toward me in that strapless white dress. I grinned like an idiot. I know because my cheeks burned, and I couldn't stop the feeling if I tried. Not that I wanted to try.

Her hair was pulled back, revealing her delicate neckline, and my mind raced with dirty thoughts. All the blood rushed from my body and into one place the second I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do to her. Shit, I couldn't get married with a fucking hard-on. Think about something else; think about anything else. Think about baseball.


When she finally arrived at my side, I reached for her hand, caressing it with my thumb as she gave me a subtle squeeze. "You look beautiful," I whispered as I leaned toward her.

"You look hot," she whispered and gave me a little wink.

Gramps cleared his throat, and I glanced up at him. He stood before us with a businesslike expression on his face. After he'd gotten ordained online with Dean's help, Gran told me he took his role in the wedding very seriously. "I have the most important job of all. I have to get it right!" She told me, he said.

Gramps swallowed once before asking, "Shall we begin?" He started reading the first few lines of the ceremony, and I struggled to keep my impatience in check.

I was standing before my family and friends, marrying the only person in the world I've ever wanted to marry. There would be no annulling this marriage. No end to this beginning. No trade for this team.

People spend their lives searching for their one true love, their other half. I found mine in college, dancing in a fraternity house driveway. Lucky for me, she found me right back.

I can't wait until she's knocked up.

Thank You

This will be short and sweet because the truth of the matter is this book was never supposed to exist in the first place. And it's only because of the fierce love that you, my dear readers, felt for Jack F'n Carter, and Cassie, that it does. You wanted! Demanded! Insisted! I write more to their story … and here we are. I truly hope you enjoyed it. I appreciate you all so much, and I always want to do right by you. Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, encouraging me, challenging me, and being the best readers a girl could ask for. Don't know what I'd do without you! : )

Thank you to my team: Pam Berehulke, Jane Dystel, Michelle Warren, Carmen Johnson, and Rebecca Friedman. Editing, agenting, and designing wouldn't be the same without any of you.

And to all my family and friends: Life has a funny way of showing you who has your back and who doesn't. Thanks for always having mine.

About the Author

Jenn Sterling is a Southern California native who grew up watching Dodger baseball and playing softball. She has her bachelor's degree in Radio/TV/Film and has worked in the entertainment industry the majority of her life. She loves hearing from her readers and can be found online at:

Blog & j-sterling



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