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Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers #1)

By:Elizabeth Reyes

ried on several different counts ranging from sexual molestation to attempted rape. But many others testified that he'd acted inappropriate with them as well. It took the jury only two hours to deliberate.

He was found guilty and after all the counts were added up he'd be doing at least thirty years before he'd even be up for parole. Angel couldn't have been happier. But Sarah couldn't help feeling bad for the guy. So young and his life was ruined. She'd kept those feelings to herself though and celebrated along with everyone else.

Sofia winked and smiled at her from where she was sitting with her parents, holding Eric's hand. After Sarah had helped convince Angel, Sofia and Eric doubled with her and Angel to the prom. When she turned seventeen a month ago, she was allowed to date. Of course Eric staked his claim the moment he found out.

Angel and Alex had been doing their best to not give them a minute alone. Sarah winked back and giggled. They'd never know just how sneaky little sister could be.

When Sydney walked in with Carina, Sarah stood up to go meet them. She hugged Carina first then Sydney. His fingers ran through hers as they stood and talked. Sarah turned to see Angel walking toward them and quickly dropped Sydney's hand. Old habits die hard.

"How's it going, man?" Angel shook Sydney's hand and clapped his shoulder.

Then he turned and hugged Carina.

Angel asked them about the drive and pulled Sarah gently to him by the waist. He was getting better with the whole Sydney thing, but a lot had changed. It was inevitable. Sarah stopped calling Sydney her best friend. At least around Angel, and the calls had been down to once a week ever since their talk, Angel's patience only went so far.

Sarah had only gone back to Arizona the one time when they had picked up her mom. But since then, Syd and Carina had come out to visit several times and each time got a little better.

They walked over to the bar to get drinks.

"So, is your mom finally getting used to California?" Sydney asked.

Sarah told him about her mom having a hard time adjusting. "Yeah, she is now, even got a job. Angel's parents said she could work here at the restaurant. She starts next week."

"She won't be doing the books though," Angel smirked, handing her a soda.

Sarah glared at him, appalled, and he kissed her. "I'm kidding."

Sarah rolled her eyes and continued. "We won't be at my aunt's very long, though. We're getting an apartment real soon."

"Do you still baby sit?" Carina asked.

"No. The restaurant has been real busy. I've been working here so much I just haven't had the time."

"That's right, Lynni told me business is booming," Sydney turned to Angel. "You guys ever think of opening up another one?"

Angel squeezed Sarah's hand. He still hated to hear Syd call her that, but was beginning to accept that it wasn't going to be changing.

"Actually," Angel said, "That's kind of the plan. After school Sarah and I want to open up our own restaurant. My dad already said he'd help us, but not until we finish school," He turned to gaze in Sarah's eyes. "The wedding's first, though."

Sarah and Angel would both be attending San Diego State in the fall. She had been so close to going to New Mexico for a time that Angel had been beside himself. Just a few weeks ago though they had gotten news of her scholarship to San Diego and now everything was perfect. She would stay in La Jolla and work at the restaurant part time.

Sydney smiled. "Lynni told me if it were up to you you'd be married already."

Angel frowned. "Yeah, everyone jumped all over that one. It's cool. I'll wait 'til we finish school, but no longer than that."

The musicians started singing Sabor a Mi, a slow, romantic Mexican favorite. Sarah smiled at the sight of giant Alex next to petite Valerie. Those two were still going back and forth. Sarah didn't get it. Alex looked at Valerie very much the same way Angel looked at Sarah, yet he was still doing the disappearing act on Valerie all the time. They'd go for a good few weeks being inseparable then he'd be gone with just a few short texts to check in with her and Valerie was certain he was with someone else.

Some people got up to dance including Eric and Sofia. Angel tugged Sarah's hand. She put her drink down and he led her to the dance floor. Angel bumped Eric hard before putting his arms around Sarah.

"You're an ass." Eric chuckled.

Sarah rested her head against Angel's strong shoulder and closed her eyes. His grip tightened and he kissed her head. Never in all her wildest dreams as a little girl could she have imagined being this happy. She was finally home.

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