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Forever with You (Wait for You #5)

By:J. Lynn

ozing from Nick's voice. Anytime Brock's name was mentioned, that was pretty much the standard response. Brock was an up-and-coming mixed martial-arts fighter and he was a local boy. Everyone seemed to worship him. "Yes. But I haven't met 'the Beast' yet. He's actually in Brazil right now, from what I understand."

Nick rested his elbows on the bar, his eyes drifting over me in a blatant perusal. "So, are you a mixed martial-arts fighter then?"

I tipped my head back and laughed. "Uh, no. I took a job in the offices. I'll be assisting their executive."

"Nice," Cam replied. "That's what you majored in, right? Business management?"

I nodded, not entirely surprised that he remembered. We had been friends, and Cam was a good guy. So was Jase. Speaking of which, when I glanced over to where the crew was crowded around a pool table, it looked like Jase had Teresa in a . . . headlock?


I grinned.

"So how long are you guys staying up here?" I asked, taking a sip of my drink as a female bartender with pink-rimmed glasses zoomed past Nick, shooting him a look I didn't quite understand.

Nick ignored it.

"We're heading back Sunday." Cam pushed off the counter. "Don't be a douche," he added, grinning when I rolled my eyes. "Get your butt off the stool and visit with us, okay?" When I nodded again, he looked at Nick. "You're coming over to Jax's tomorrow night, right?"

"Depends on what time I get out of here, but I'll try."

Interesting. So Cam and Nick were buddies. I was relieved to hear that. Cam was a good judge of character, and I already knew Nick was a helpful little charmer, but I felt like I could safely say that Nick wasn't a serial murderer.

I cradled my drink as Cam sauntered back to the pool tables. My mind wasn't made up on the whole visiting them thing yet. Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't.

"Want another rum and coke?"

My lips curled up at the sound of Nick's rich, deep voice. We'd been chatting on and off since I plopped my butt down on the stool, and he had seemed happy that I was there.

Total bonus points lottery with this guy.

"I'm good, but thanks." The last thing I wanted to be was drunk. I smiled at him, pleased when his heavily hooded gaze dipped again. "Are you guys usually this busy on the weekend?"

I could see that small talk was something Nick excelled at, which made sense, considering his occupation. He was an equal opportunity charmer. Women flocked to him at the bar. The other bartender, the girl with the pink glasses, seemed to take it all in stride.

"Not sure if you really call this busy, but Saturdays usually bring a larger crowd." He glanced down the bar before continuing. "So you went to school with them?" he asked, jerking his chin in the direction Cam had roamed off to.

"Yeah." Leaning forward, I placed my elbows on the bar. "I had no idea they had connections here. Total surprise."

"Small world," he said, echoing my earlier thought. "But you're not very close with them."

It was a statement, not a question. "What makes you think that?"

"Well, if you were, I guess you'd be over there with them. Or . . ."

Nick was observant. "Or what?"

One side of his lips curled up as he folded his arms across his chest. The movement drew my attention. I was such a visual creature. Not that anyone would blame me right now. The black shirt he wore stretched around well-defined biceps. "Or you'd rather spend the time with me."

The twisty motion in my belly cranked up a notch. "Am I that transparent?"

"In the best possible way." He picked up a bottle. "I'm glad you did stop by. Every time the door opened last night, I looked up and hoped it was you."

"Is that so?"

"I speak the truth." His smile was lazy. "Did you finish unpacking?"


"Were there any more rat bastard combinations?"

I laughed. "There were a few more."

"Kind of mad I missed out on them."

"There's always later." I toyed with my glass as I met and held his stare. "So, Nick, do you have a last name?"

"Blanco," he replied after a brief hesitation. "Do you?"

"Keith." I grinned as he unfolded those arms. "I have another question for you."

Moving in, he placed his hands on the bar. "Ask away."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" My breath caught a little when he leaned in suddenly. Our mouths were close enough that we were breathing the same tiny patch of oxygen. "Or a boyfriend?"

Nick didn't bat an eyelash. "Nope to both. How about you?"

Bonus points explosion!

"None," I said, welcoming the tingle that swirled down my spine as his breath warmed my lips.

He tilted his head to the side, lining up his mouth with mine with just a fraction of an inch between us. I started to feel a little flushed. "You have plans tonight, Stephanie Keith?" he asked, voice deeper and rougher.

I shook my head as my pulse tripped all over itself in a happy little dance.

Nick's grin spread into the kind of smile I knew left a trail of women in its wake. "You do now."

Chapter 2

"Make sure you're waiting for me," he said with a slow grin, picking up two empty glasses as I rose from the bar stool. "I'm off at one. I'll be there in twenty minutes or less."

I didn't respond as I backed away from the bar, giving him a little wave. There was no doubt in my mind that he would show up, and wicked excitement hummed through my veins. Smiling to myself, I wheeled around.

The girl with the pink glasses stood right in front of me, so close I almost plowed right into her. Behind the bar, she seemed much taller, but my five-foot-nine frame towered over her. A streak of pink in her hair matched her glasses, but that wasn't all that I noticed. Up close I realized that she also had a faint black eye.

What the . . . ?

She shoved out her hand. "Hi, I'm Roxy."

"Hi." I took her hand, shaking it. "I'm-"

"Steph. I know. Your friends told me all about you," she explained,