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Forever Yours (The Moreno Brothers #1.5)

By:Elizabeth Reyes

st sister ever, just as she had been to Sydney all those years and always would be.

Not only had Sofie had to deal with her three overprotective brothers but she'd also had two of their friends, Romero and Eric, to deal with her whole life. Eric, who was now her boyfriend was much calmer than her brothers, and Sofie had told Sarah that was exactly why she'd had been so drawn to him even way back when they were kids. Romero never stood a chance with her because he was worse than her brothers. At least Alex asked questions before going for the jugular, not Romero.

Sarah felt the pang of guilt. Too often she'd been a little jealous of the big happy family gatherings when she should have been grateful to be included.

Not even a half hour later after having taken Sydney's call her phone buzzed again. She'd set it down on the coffee table in front of the sofa where she still sat with Angel. She saw him glance down at it, but he quickly looked away and laughed at something Romero was telling him and Sal.

Sarah picked it up, hoping it wasn't anything from Sydney but a little worried it might be. She was worried, not because of Angel, but because she'd picked up on something not being right when Sydney had called her a second time in one day after she hadn't heard from him in days.

To her relief it wasn't Sydney. It was a text from her mom.

Are you going to be there much longer? I have a surprise for you, and I can hardly wait for you to get here already.

That piqued Sarah's interest instantly, and she smiled. Surprise? Her mother had never been good about keeping surprises from her for long, so it made her wonder how long she'd had this up her sleeve. She hadn't heard anything about this until now. Sarah was turning twenty-one that year, but that was still months away.

She didn't even realize what a big goofy smile she wore until she noticed Angel staring at her strangely. "My mom," she said as she texted back. "She's asking how much longer I'm gonna be. She has a surprise for me."

The strange expression on Angel's face was replaced with one as curious as she felt. "Surprise?"

"Yeah," she said as she sent the text asking for a hint. "My mom's never been good about keeping surprises from me. In fact, she stinks at it. It's why she can't get me anything for my birthday or Christmas until the day before because she doesn't trust herself not to blow it early." Sarah laughed. "Whatever this is she probably just got it today, and already she's texting me to ask when I'll be home."

"I can take you now," Angel offered. "We're pretty much done here. Everyone's just gonna shoot the breeze now, and I know you said you had homework you wanted to work on."

Feeling even more curious, especially since her mom hadn't responded to her text asking for a hint, Sarah nodded with a smile. "I can't imagine what it is."

Angel got up from where he was sitting and reached out his hand. "Let's go," he said. "I'm curious now too."

It took her almost fifteen minutes to say goodbye to everyone, but finally they were out of there and in Angel's car. Halfway home her mom responded to her text.

The only hint is you're really gonna like it! That's all. Oh and maybe don't bring Angel in. This is something he might not be as excited about hearing as you.

There was only one thing Sarah could think of that might not excite Angel as much as it would excite her-Sydney. This had something to do with him, and it was likely what he'd called her twice for today. But why wouldn't he just tell her? Whatever it was suddenly had her insides knotting up.

Chapter 2


It was a subtle change, but Angel knew Sarah well enough now to catch it. She'd gone from being curiously excited about her mom's surprise for her to suddenly a bit unnerved. The change didn't happen until that second text from her mom halfway to their condo.

"Something wrong?" he asked after seeing her read her text.

"No," she said, but she wasn't convincing, almost as if she weren't sure herself. "She just asked where I was."

They turned the corner, and Angel pulled into a parking space across from the condo Sarah and her mom had recently bought. Sarah turned to him then quickly back to her bag." You don't have to come in with me if you need to get going."

The way she dug in her bag as she said that was another telling sign about Sarah. She always avoided eye contact when she was feeling uneasy. "I'm in no hurry." Angel started getting out. "And I'm curious about this surprise," he said, facing her across the roof of his car now.

She smiled, and they met around the front. They headed to her front door. It was already unlocked, and they walked right in. Luna, Sarah's mom, smiled strangely at Angel then glanced at Sarah and picked up her cell phone in what looked like preparation to take a photo.

Both Sarah and Angel stood there a bit confused. "Okay, come out," Luna said.

Angel almost didn't recognize him when he first walked out because he was a lot buffer than the last time he'd seen him, but it only took a few seconds for him to figure it out. Sydney smiled, and Sarah's hands immediately went to her face and covered her mouth.

"Hey, Lynni."

"Oh my God!" She rushed to him and gave him a huge hug, which Luna took several shots of with her phone and had Angel wishing he hadn't come in with Sarah.

They held each other tightly for a moment that felt uncomfortably long. Yeah, Angel definitely should've just dropped her off. As annoying as it would've been to hear later that the big surprise her mother had come home early for was Syd being in town, it beat having to witness her excitement from seeing the dude and hearing him refer to her in that syrupy way he said her middle name.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, finally pulling away.

Angel watched, grinding his teeth as Sarah actually wiped tears away and still held Sydn