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About That Night (FBI.US Attorney #3)

By:Julie James

ing against the herd, she waded deeper into the bar. Without warning, a guy slammed into her from the left, spilling his beer down the front of her black V-neck shirt.

Rylann cringed as the cold, sticky liquid trickled between her breasts and down her stomach. She glared at the culprit, a guy wearing a Greek-lettered baseball cap low on his forehead. "That's just great," she said dryly.

He managed a lopsided grin. "Sorry." He turned around and pushed his friend. "Look what you made me do, asshole!"

As Asshole & Co. made their way out of the bar without another glance in her direction, Rylann shook her head. "Undergrads," she muttered under her breath. No more campus bars, she decided. Sure, the drinks were cheap, but they clearly needed to find someplace with a more cerebral crowd.

"Now, now, counselor. Not so long ago, that could've been your pledge-dance date."

Rylann recognized that teasing tone. She turned around and saw Smug Dimples, aka Kyle Rhodes, relaxing against the bar, his long legs stretched out in front of him.

She walked over, resolved to remain cool in the face of such undeniable attractiveness, and tried to decide how annoyed she was that his assessments of her were getting more accurate. She had been in a sorority and had, in fact, gone to pledge dances and several other functions with inebriated frat guys in baseball caps who inevitably ended up spilling beer on her at some point in the night. Good times.

She stopped alongside Kyle at the bar and pointed to the stack of cocktail napkins behind him. "Napkin, please."

"You're not going to tell me that I'm wrong about your pledge-dance date back there?"

"It was a lucky guess." Rylann held out her hand and repeated her request. "Napkin."

Kyle looked her over, then turned to the man standing behind the bar. "Think we could get a towel, Dan?"

"Sure, no problem, Kyle." The bartender opened a cabinet underneath the bar and pulled out a fresh towel. He handed it to Kyle, who passed it over to Rylann.

"Thank you. They seem to know you around here, Kyle." She pointedly repeated his first name so that she didn't need to feign cluelessness if he offered it. For some reason, she didn't want him to know that Rae had told her who he was.

"The manager is a friend of mine." Kyle gestured to his two friends, who were playing pool in the corner of the bar. "He gives us free drinks. Can't beat that deal."

Rylann bit back a laugh. She wouldn't have thought that a billionaire's son would care about getting a deal on drinks. Then again, having never met a billionaire's son before, she really didn't know what they cared about.

She dabbed at her wet shirt with the towel, grateful that she'd worn black and didn't have to worry about see-through issues. She half-expected Kyle to make some kind of smirky remark about the way the material clung to her chest, but he said nothing. And when she'd finished with the towel and set it on the bar, she looked up and found his eyes on hers, not zoned in on her boobs.

"So where are your friends?" he asked.

Shit! Rae. Rylann had completely forgotten about her after Frat Boy had dumped the beer down her shirt. "That's a good question." She looked around the bar and noticed that it was empty except for a few stragglers. Neither Rae nor her other law school friends were among them.

This was starting to get odd.

"She was supposed to meet me by the front door after she went to the bathroom, but she never came back … Excuse me for a moment." Rylann left Kyle standing at the bar and strode into the ladies' room. A quick check of the stalls revealed they were all empty.

After exiting the ladies' room, she headed toward the wide wooden staircase that led to the second floor. A bouncer promptly cut her off at the pass.

"Bar's closed," he said. "You need to make your way to the door."

"I'm looking for my friend who said she was going to the bathroom. There's one upstairs, right?"

"Yes, but there's no one in it. I just checked," the bouncer said.

"Is there anyone still hanging out by the bar? Tall girl, light brown hair, wearing a red shirt?"

The bouncer shook his head. "Sorry. The whole floor's empty."

Kyle appeared at Rylann's side as the bouncer walked off.

"Okay, now I'm worried," she said, more to herself than to him.

"Does she have a cell phone?" Kyle asked.

Rylann frowned. "Yes, but I don't." She caught Kyle's look and went on the defensive. Rae, and pretty much everyone else she knew, had been nagging her to get a cell phone all year. "Hey, those plans aren't exactly cheap."

He pulled a black cell phone out of his jeans pocket. "It's called 'free evening minutes.' Welcome to 2003."

"Ha, ha." Rylann thought about leveling him with a withering stare but decided against it-she really could use that cell phone. The sass could wait.

She took the phone from Kyle, realizing that this was the second time she'd accepted help from him in the last five minutes. Common courtesy meant this obligated her to be at least somewhat pleasant to him.


She dialed Rae's number and waited as the phone rang.

"Hello?" her friend answered in a perplexed tone.

Rylann breathed a sigh of relief. "Rae, where are you? I'm standing here like an idiot waiting for you to come out of the bathroom. But you're not in the bathroom."

"Carpe diem."

Rylann scooted a few feet away from Kyle. "'Carpe diem'? What do you mean by that?" She had a funny feeling she wasn't going to like whatever her friend was about to say next.

"It's Latin for 'Don't kill me.' "

Oh boy.

"What did you do, Rae?"

"Okay, here's what happened: when I came out of the bathroom, I saw Kyle Rhodes at the bar, checking you out," Rae said. "I decided that if you aren't going to treat yourself to a little fun after the long year we've had, then I'm going to make the fun come to you. So I grabbed the guys, and