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Because We Belong (Because You Are Mine #3)

By:Beth Kery

ly, she knew he wondered if Ian had told her about the background of their common heritage.

"Ian has explained to me about Trevor Gaines being his, Lucien's, and your biological father," she said without flinching.

"Did he also tell you that dear daddy was a fucked-up son of a bitch?" he asked with harsh flippancy before he took a swallow of beer. Too flippant. She sensed the edge of anger beneath his unconcern this time. His description of Trevor Gaines was apt. The French aristocrat had been a sick SOB who got his thrills from impregnating as many women as he possibly could, whether by seduction, rape, or other unsavory means. Using those means, he'd gotten Lucien's, Ian's, and Kam's mothers pregnant in a close span of time. There had been other victims, too. The newly discovered knowledge had nearly sent Ian over the edge when he'd learned of it last year. This much she knew: Kam came by his bitterness toward his father honestly.

"He told me," she replied simply.

His tense expression relaxed somewhat when she offered no false platitudes in regard to the unthinkable crimes of the man who had created him.

"I haven't got much use for all the money I received from the pharmaceutical deal," he said, turning the subject. "What am I supposed to do with a hundred times that amount?"

"Ian and Lucien both seem to think the capital will help you to build more advanced laboratories and equipment. You could potentially create a lasting company that could revolutionize the watchmaking and medical biofeedback industries and provide thousands of jobs. Ian has a lot of faith in your brilliance, Kam. But in the end, if you can't think of anything you'd do with the capital from another sale, then this entire conversation is pointless."

His nostrils flared slightly as they faced off in the silence. Just beneath his obstinacy and wariness, she sensed he was listening.

"I've arranged meetings with three watch companies," Lin said, sitting back slightly so that Emile could arrange bowls of his steaming, fragrant onion soup before them. "I can tell you firsthand that every one of my contacts is far from thinking it's a waste of time, as you put it. They're extremely interested in your product. Fascinated, in fact, although I get the feeling they're withholding judgment until they see it firsthand."

"And meet me," Kam muttered.

She met his stare calmly. "And meet you, yes. Thank you, Victor," she said when the bartender handed her a black napkin. He knew the white ones left lint on her black skirts. She was in the process of smoothing the napkin over her thighs when she glanced sideways.

Kam's gaze was on her lap. As if he'd noticed her sudden stillness, his stare flicked up to her face. The heat she saw in his eyes seemed to set a spark to her flesh. Excitement bubbled in her, the strength of her reaction surprising her. She couldn't deny it, this unexpected rush of lust. It was powerful stuff.

It was because he looked so much like Ian that she was having this reaction. It must be that. The forbidden held the power to tantalize. God knew there was nothing more taboo than her boss. Ian Noble was the one thing she couldn't have . . . could never have. Even if he was the only man she'd ever loved, he was off-limits to her, now more than ever since Francesca Arno had entered his life.

But his newly discovered brother wasn't off-limits, Lin acknowledged as his hot, gray-eyed stare lowered to her mouth and she felt her nipples tighten. No, Kam Reardon appeared to be about as available as she wanted him to be.

• • •

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About the Author

Beth Kery lives in Chicago where she juggles the demands of her career, her love of the city and the arts, and a busy family life. Her writing today reflects her passion for all of the above. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Because You Are Mine. Find out more about Beth and her books at BethKery or Beth.Kery.