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Gray Back Alpha Bear

By:T. S. Joyce

of panic was settled by one thought.

A girl.

Gia was giving him a little girl.

Creed steeled himself and swam hard under the waterfall, then came up on the other side. The gentle side with the wet boulders to relax on and the slippery rock cliff that jutted straight up. The side he’d dreamed of swimming to since the day he’d first seen Bear Trap Falls.

She was waiting for him—his Gia.

Sitting on the edge of the rocks, her feet in the water, long, damp hair trailing down her shoulders, bare belly beautiful in her bathing suit, she smiled at him the moment he broke the surface.

He’d forbidden women in his territory, then broke his own rules, and something strange and unexpected had happened.

A woman had made him into a stronger man.

He swam to Gia and pushed up on the rock until he could look into those beautiful, tear-rimmed eyes of hers.

His past had been dark and fraught with uncertainty, but here, in this moment, none of that mattered. Gia had claimed his future.

She’d given him the other side of the waterfall.