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What This Wolf Wants

By:Jennifer Dellerman

t. But Jackie had Tess to talk with, commiserate with. It helped. It gave her hope.

Though she’d never stop worrying for Zan’s safety, no matter what he did, she would never want him tamed. His wild abandon exhilarated her. His naughty humor a sensual delight. She wanted to share his good times and bad days. Because for Jackie, only Zan would do. Grabbing his face, she kissed the breath right out of him. “Only if it’s you, Zan. You’re all I want.” She pushed him onto his back, draped herself over his chest. Whispered in his ear. “Does this mean I don’t get my vibrator back?”

Shouting with laughter, Zan switched their positions and set about proving how much more enjoyable life was with a dominant shifter to share it with.

The End