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Seduced by a Shifter

By:Jennifer Dellerman

mbustible. She wasn’t sure if the top of her head was still attached. “What more do we have, Ben?”

He nuzzled her temple. “Affection.”

Her eyes started to close. “Affection?”

“I love you, Willow Yancy.”

Her eyes popped back open. “What?’

He reared back, his eyes confused. “I’ve told you I love you.”

“I—I—” Her stupid mouth wasn’t working right. “When?”

He looked at a loss for words. Then he rested his forehead on hers. “I’m sorry. I’ve told you so many times in my head that I thought I already told you out loud.”

She reached under his shirt to twist the little bit of flesh she could grab. “Maybe if you’d told me before I left, I wouldn’t have been so crazed this last week.”

Ben only reached down to take the hand abusing him and kiss each and every finger before holding it, palm open, over his cheek. “I love you so much that I could barely breathe when you were gone.”

Ohhhhhhhhh. Mush. She was so much mush.

“I want you home with me. In Woodcliff.”

“A job—”

He covered her mouth with his hand. “I don’t give a flying fig if you ever lift a finger. Just don’t ever leave me again.”

She mumbled under his hand, prompting him to lift it. “What?”

”Dean called and offered me a job. As manager of your ‘hunting lodge’. It certainly won’t be much but then Josh called—”

“Josh Renner? What the hell?” The amber she now knew signaled his wolf was close to the surface started to bleed into his eyes.

“If you’d stop interrupting me, I could tell you.”

Clearly unhappy, he clamped his mouth shut. Amused at him, she slipped her hands around his body to stroke his back under his shirt, knowing he needed the skin-to-skin contact. She needed it as well. “He called to tell me that one of their female physical ed teachers is pregnant. They’ll need a replacement within the next couple of months. Potentially permanently. She’s already hinting about not coming back.”

“I’m not sure I like the idea of you spending so much time away from me.”

She kissed the mulish set of his lips. “Just think of me as the extension of your eyes and ears for the pack, Ben.”

His eyes brimmed with emotion, strong hands skimming down to curve over her butt. “Not my eyes and ears, Willow. My heart. You’re my heart.”

As he claimed her lips for another toe-curling kiss, she realized that without all the ugliness that had come into her life, she would never have known this man. Was he her reward? Maybe. But to have this man in her life, she would go through the fires of hell again and again.

And if hell should ever rear its unwelcome head again, Willow knew without a doubt she would never be alone. Ben would always be at her side.