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Enticing Their Mate

By:Vella Day

rnell. What happened to him?”

Michelle glanced to the side. “He died on the way down to Florida.”

“Well, I can’t say I’m sorry.”

Michelle kept looking behind Sarah, forcing her to check it out. “What’s Connolly doing here? I thought he was a lone wolf who lived in Canada.”

She blushed. “He came down to check up on me, and to talk to the General about something.”

“Do you know what?”

“He wouldn’t say, but I overheard talk of tracking down the doctor who ran the clinic the women were brought to.”

“Dr. Elkhart?”

“That’s his name.”

They must not have found him. Slippery bastard.

Riley and Jay sauntered over. “Can we borrow Sarah for a bit? I want to introduce her to my cousin and a few other members of the Pack.”


“We’ll talk later,” Sarah told her.

Michelle smiled, looking grateful to have a friend. “For sure.”

As the men walked her over to another group of people, she leaned close. “Michelle said that Connolly wants to go after Dr. Elkhart. Do you know anything about that?” She hoped Jay and Riley wouldn’t be assigned to chase him, especially since they’d just returned from an assignment.

“We’ve heard rumors that Dr. Elkhart might be bucking for Statler’s position,” Jay said.

That was a shame. “He’s suited for the job. He engaged in medical experiments and aided in human trafficking. The man was scum.”

Riley placed a hand on her back. “Let’s forget about bad Colters and meet some heroes and their women.”

She cocked a brow. “I think the women are probably just as big heroes as their men. They must be brave if they can let their men do battle.”


They both faced her. “But we have the bravest woman of them all. You.”

“You think so?”

“Yes.” As if nobody else was in the room, Riley stepped behind and hugged her while Jay cupped her face and kissed her. Even when the applause started, she drowned it out, never wanting to stop loving her men.

The End