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Enticing Their Mate

By:Vella Day

he placed a hand on her waist to guide her toward his truck, her pulse raced.

Okay, this reaction had to stop. For the past few months, grabby, nasty werewolves had surrounded her, and just because this was the first man who seemed nice didn’t mean she should go all gooey on him.

She refocused on her surroundings. He’d been wise to park his truck out of sight of the main storefront where cameras might be watching their every move.

When they reached his truck, he held open the passenger side door. “Hop in.”

She didn’t want to. Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be with Jay Wagner? “We can talk out here.”

“Oh, fuck. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. You have no idea if you can trust me. I actually worked with Bill Hampton, your boss, for a couple of assignments.”

At the mention of her undercover status, the blood drained from her head and she grabbed the door. “That so?”

“I wish I could prove to you that I’m not working for Statler, but I can’t.” He chuckled, but it held no joy. “You have no idea how far from the truth that is. Name’s Riley Bishop, by the way. Jay Wagner is around here somewhere.”

She looked behind him but didn’t see anyone else. The other man was probably hiding. “It’s not that. I know who you are. I’m just… paranoid.”

He dragged a palm down his well-chiseled jaw. “I get it. I really do.”

“Thank you. Is there someplace we can go for more privacy?” Crap, that sounded like she wanted to seduce him. “I mean, I need to give you the lowdown, and I don’t like being out in the open.”

He flashed her a smile that caused her body to think more unprofessional thoughts. “Sure. How about following us back to our motel?” he asked. “To be safe, stay in your car until I’ve scanned the place, okay?”

“Sure.” She appreciated his concern for her welfare. While she didn’t believe her shadow was close by, she’d take extra precautions.

Just then another man, equally as arresting as Riley, emerged from behind the building. Whoa.

“Here’s Jay now,” Riley said. “Though he was supposed to remain hidden.”

While she was thrilled the FBI was working with the Pack, interacting with two such virile and attractive men might not be good for her concentration. Both men had sleek-looking bodies, and Riley, she’d noted, had an intelligent air about him. His gaze was piercing and his focus admirable.

Riley’s hair was longer than Jay’s, as was the scruff on his face. Whether it was his usual undercover look, or he’d been too busy to shave, she didn’t know, but it gave him that bad boy look. Once she interacted more with Jay, she might believe he, too, was a lady-killer. Jay’s eyes were closer to green than hazel and his skin, while tan, wasn’t as dark as Riley’s.

I’m here to do a job, not get laid.

Putting some distance between them might help her figure out how she was going to handle this unwanted attraction. “I’ll be right behind you,” she said then rushed back to her car.

* * *

When cutting through the woods toward the convenience store, Jay hadn’t detected any other werewolves sneaking about, but that didn’t mean the clerk wasn’t being paid to let Statler know if any new faces appeared in town. After Tyson and Ford Summerville had infiltrated his carefully picked pack of men, Statler’s level of paranoia had probably tripled.

As Jay approached their rental, he slowed, mesmerized by Sarah’s reddish-gold hair, intense cobalt blue eyes, and dynamite body. And those lush lips were made for kissing. Her photo had not done her justice. On the next step, a wave of lust hit him so hard, it not only shocked him in its intensity, he began to shift.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

He looked toward the store to check for cameras or anything else to distract him. Within seconds of not having Sarah in his sight, his fangs and nails retracted. Eventually, his pulse slowed, but not enough to push away his feral urges.

Needing to regroup, he jumped into the passenger side, not daring to glance her way. When he twisted in his seat, he caught sight of her retreating rear—and what a nice ass it was, too—and the lust ramped up again.

Riley hopped in and started the engine. He was looking a bit green, also.

“Everything go okay?” Jay asked, wanting to take his mind off the possibility that he’d just found his mate.

“Yes. She’s following us back to the motel.”

“Now?” That was a stupid comment. Time was of the essence.

Checking his rear view mirror, Riley backed up and pulled out of the lot. “We need the intel.”

“I know.”

The problem was that Jay wasn’t certain he could focus for long if he was in the same room with her. She was human. Not that he had anything against her race, but the timing couldn’t have been worse to find his mate.

They drove in silence for at least three miles. While his roommate was never chatty, this was terse even for him. “What’s bugging you? Don’t you think she’s on the up and up?” Or had Riley felt the incredible sexual draw, too?

“She’s fine.”

Not wanting to let on that he was dying on the inside, Jay let the topic drop for now. “Did she tell you anything in the store?”


So much for communication. To keep his mind occupied, Jay kept watch on her car to make sure someone wasn’t tailing her or trying to run her off the road. When the motel came into view, Riley pulled in but Sarah sailed on by. Crap. What was she trying to pull?

Riley cut the engine, and acted as calm as could be. “You aren’t worried that she sailed on by?” Jay asked. “I didn’t see a tail.”

“She’ll be back. Head on in while I do another perimeter search.”

Given Riley’s level of confidence, he suspected he and Sarah had cooked up this diversion. With his head down, Jay kept an even stride as he entered the room. Once inside, he spent a minute straightening up the place since the beds were still unmade. Not needing the maid to show up, he placed a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Ten minutes later, Riley entered with Sarah. No sooner had J