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Enticing Their Mate

By:Vella Day

ope out the area and come in from the side.”

Presumably, he would be in wolf form. “Sure.” Riley found a copse of trees about one hundred yards ahead that would hide Jay’s shifting from any possible passerby. “After I’ve spoken with Sarah, I’ll contact you.”

“Be nice to her.”

“I’m always nice.” Just because he wasn’t the friendliest guy in the world didn’t mean he was an asshole. He knew how to treat a woman. He just didn’t want one in his life.

After he dropped Jay off, he spotted the convenience store less than a mile away. Even though it was five after two, the lot was empty, confirming his target had yet to arrive.

He parked alongside the building and stepped out for a minute to check for any wolf signature. When he was convinced none of Statler’s men were close, he hopped back in the truck to wait. Strolling up and down the aisles for fifteen minutes or until Sarah arrived would look suspicious, and the last thing they needed was for Statler to be aware his new hiding place had been compromised.

Less than ten minutes later, a rather tired Ford Taurus pulled into the lot, and the driver was none other than Sarah Osmond. Here goes nothing. No matter how many missions he went on, Riley always had that jolt of excitement. He loved the danger, but only when innocent people weren’t involved. Sarah might be a trained operative, but she was also a human female, which meant he’d have to protect her.

As she slipped out of her car, she looked over at him briefly and nodded, implying Mackenzie or the General had sent her photos of both him and Jay. She then looked around the area as if she wanted to be sure whoever had been following her wasn’t around. Smart girl.

Time to meet her. Riley pushed open the truck door and his heart rate suddenly sped past the danger zone, his gut contracted, and his dick went ramrod straight. What the fuck was that all about? Only when his nails began to elongate and the hair on his arms sprouted did dread pool in his gut. No, no, no. This couldn’t be happening now.

Chapter Two

After all her years of training with the FBI, Sarah had thought she’d learned how to remain cool even under the most difficult situations, but these last few days had been hellish, especially when one of the captives started running a fever.

As soon as Sarah had entered the convenience store parking lot, she spotted a truck with a good-looking guy in front—if his muscular arm hanging out the window and his strong profile was any indication what the rest of him looked like. Not wanting to be obvious by staring or parking close to him, she couldn’t be sure if he was Riley or Jay—or some passerby.

She could only hope he wasn’t a recent Statler recruit hired to keep an eye on her, but the odds were in her favor he was one of General Armand’s men since she’d told no one that she’d planned to stop at this store after work. As an added precaution, Sarah had driven past the store and then doubled back.

She had to admit their arrival couldn’t have come at a better time, but if the plan involved charging in and taking down all the guards along with Statler, it would never work. Two men, no matter how well trained, would never succeed against all of Statler’s werewolves.

Once out of the car, she kept her gaze straight ahead and entered the store. In case cameras were recording her every move, she smiled at the young clerk. “Afternoon.”

Statler had drilled into all of his employees how important it was to be friendly but not too much so. People from small towns were suspicious of those who were rude, overly quiet, or super friendly. She headed down the snack aisle thinking it wouldn’t look odd if she spent a few minutes trying to figure out what to buy. A few seconds later, the front door opened, and she had to force herself not to look at the newcomer.

“Sarah? That you?”

Her heart skipped a beat at the mention of her name. She spun around to tell him this was supposed to be a clandestine meeting, but her mouth wouldn’t work. All she could do was soak in his essence. His voice had to be, hands down, the sexiest thing she’d ever heard. Trite phrases like sex on a stick and as warm and rich as cognac didn’t do him justice.

The incredibly divine man with the perfect ratio of muscles to height strode toward her, his eyes focused on her and her alone. While she usually wasn’t into a man with dark hair that brushed his shoulders, on him, it looked good. And those hazel eyes and sun-kissed tan skin made her melt.

He mouthed the words play along.

Her tight muscles relaxed slightly. He had a plan. Good. At least one of them did. She tossed him her best smile and nodded, hoping it could pass scrutiny with the clerk. She held out her arms for an embrace. “Hey, fancy running into you.”

He closed the gap between them and hugged her, his lips brushing her ear. “Pretend we’re former lovers.”

Seriously? He had to pick lovers as their cover? When she squeezed him tight, the pressure on her chest woke up every latent desire in her body.

Stop it. I’m on assignment.

She leaned back. “Long time no see.”

“I know.” Not even looking at the items for sale, he grabbed a bag of chips off the shelf, and she, too, picked up a small box of donuts. With her gaze on him, the two of them walked to the counter to pay.

“Will that be all?” the clerk asked rubbing his hands down his pants. What was that about? Hopefully, he wasn’t planning on shooting them or calling for help.

“Yes,” she said as calmly as she could.

Sarah dug a hand into her purse to retrieve her wallet when Jay, or perhaps it was Riley, placed a hand over hers. “I have this.”

She’d play along. Lovers indeed. “Thanks.”

Once he paid, she grabbed her goods and walked out with him. “We totally have to catch up,” Sarah said loud enough for the clerk to hear, though why this man would care she didn’t know.

“I parked on the side.” This time, his tone had turned curt. When