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Enticing Their Mate

By:Vella Day

d the entire place rattled. “I should have made sure I really killed the fucker in Gulfport when I had the chance.”

“If you had killed him, the General wouldn’t have learned where Statler was holding the women.”

“There is that.” Jay’s cell dinged. “Fuck me. Doesn’t anyone sleep?” He wasn’t in the mood for more bad news. He located his cell in his jacket pocket. “It’s a text from Mackenzie.”

His cousin now worked for the Pack as one of their computer experts and must have dug up something she thought was important or she wouldn’t have disturbed him. He debated leaving it until later, but it could be vital to their mission.

He swiped the screen and smiled at the icon of the hot looking Sarah Osmond. “Kenzie forwarded us an email from Sarah. She said her shift ends at 2 p.m. tomorrow and asked that we meet her at Nelson’s Convenience Store a little after two. She would have met us here, but she believes someone’s following her. There’s a map attached.”

Riley grabbed his toiletry kit and placed his suitcase on the floor. “I don’t like it. First some goon who we think was sent by Statler comes to a virtually empty motel with no luggage and now this. Can we be sure Sarah didn’t tip him off?”

“No way. She’s undercover for Bill Hampton at the Bureau. You can’t get any more solid than that.”

“Then how do you explain the big fellow? The police assured us our entry into the country would be kept secret.”

“Dunno.” Jay was too tired to be carrying on this type of conversation. “Look, she’s being followed. Can we table this discussion until after we speak with her?”

Riley headed into the bathroom. “Sure.”

Sometimes he wanted to strangle the man.

* * *

Once Jay fell into bed, Riley headed outside to begin his surveillance. He started with a perimeter check to see if anyone else had joined the giant, but so far it appeared as if the man had come alone.

Riley remained outside for a couple more hours, but he never detected more than one shifter signature in the man’s room or anywhere else on the property for that matter. By the time the sun peaked over the horizon, Riley was satisfied all was safe and called it a night.

He slipped into bed and tried to sleep, but he was too wound up. Questions kept rattling in his head—the first of which was whether Sarah was some kind of double agent. Just because she had hair the color that matched the most beautiful sunset and a body that looked like she could love a man hard, he couldn’t afford to trust anyone. His job was to save ten women and take down one of the most evil Colter leaders the Pack had ever dealt with. While he hadn’t been involved in the Colter battle for long, from what Jay had told him, they were the epitome of bad.

* * *

Around one that afternoon, the key card slipped into the room door lock and Jay stepped in. “Wake up, sleepy head. I had to drive five miles to find us something to eat.” He tossed the paper bags on the scarred wooden table, along with two cups of delicious smelling coffee.

“Wasn’t really asleep.” Riley’s thoughts had refused to calm.

He yawned and slid out of bed, his eyes feeling like sandpaper. After running a hand though his mussed hair, he realized he needed to cut it soon. However, his first order of business was coffee. After opening the lid, he chugged half of it. From the bag, he removed an egg sandwich and ingested it in four bites. “Thanks.”

Jay pulled back the curtain and peered out. “Our giant seems to have checked out.”

The cobwebs in his brain slowly disappeared. “I’m not surprised. If he is one of Statler’s men, they’ll rotate to avoid suspicion.”

Jay nodded. “Sarah gets off work in a little over an hour. How do you want to handle this?”

“It’s a given you’ll have to stay in your wolf form, or out of view, especially if she’s being followed. We can’t chance anyone spotting you.”

Jay clenched his fingers, and some of the coffee spilled over the sides of the paper cup. “Shit.” He stepped back to the table and set it down. “This sucks.”

“It’s reality. You knew going in that you’d have to be the invisible man.”

“The giant knows I’m here. What difference does it make now?” Jay grabbed a napkin and blotted the coffee from the carpet.

“We don’t know if he was one of Statler’s men, and until we get an ID on the man following Sarah, I’ll be the front man.”

Jay stepped over to the table, jerked out the chair, and sat down. “When are Ford and Tyson coming up?”

“Didn’t you listen to anything the General said? As soon as we figure out what we need to take down Statler, we’re to contact him.”

Jay leaned back in his chair and blew out a breath. Riley worried about him. While he hadn’t worked with Jay on a case in a while, he couldn’t remember his roommate ever becoming unglued. “If you’re not up for this, I can always ask Sam or Brandon to partner with me.”

Jay shook his head. “No. I want this guy, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Our mission is to free the women. Don’t forget that.” Statler’s demise was their secondary goal.

Jay held up his middle finger. “You ready?”

“Let me hop in the shower. I’ll only be a minute.” Riley wadded up the paper bag, tossed it in the trash, and headed to the bathroom.

True to his word, he was cleaned up and dressed in under ten minutes, leaving the slow task of shaving until later. He picked up the rental keys. “I’ll drive. You seem out of it today.”


After Riley checked the area to make sure it was clear, he motioned it was safe for Jay to leave the room. To prevent being spotted, his roommate wore a baseball cap and kept his face partially hidden. Once inside the cab, he slid down in his seat. Jay’s job was to navigate since the map to the convenience store was on his phone. According to Sarah, the store was five miles west of the motel.

After a few minutes, Jay sat up. “It’s about a mile ahead on the right. How about pulling off the next chance you get and let me out? I’ll sc