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The Warrior Vampire

By:Kate Baxter

in a violent and urgent kiss.

Oh … gods.

Bria let herself be swept away in the moment. She didn’t give a second thought to the dhampir and her covetous gaze, to the other supernatural creatures that surrounded them, or the sizzle of magic in the air that sent a zing of anxiety through her bloodstream.

Jenner’s lips were firm, yet demanding. His grip on her, possessive and commanding. The wet heat of his mouth seared her as his tongue lashed out at the seam of her lips, urging her to open up to him. The taste of his blood lingered and mingled with her own that still clung to his tongue. Exquisite. Heady, like an aged brandy that caused her thoughts to haze and her head to spin. More. She wanted more.

His mouth slanted across hers as his tongue thrust into her mouth. She released a pleasured moan at the silky glide and wound her fists into the fabric of his shirt, pulling him closer. Jenner gripped her hip in one strong hand and jerked her against him. The hard length of his erection brushed against her sex and Bria sighed into Jenner’s mouth as delicious pressure built inside of her.

Jenner had brought her here tonight to teach her focus. To show her that danger was ever-present no matter her strength. To make sure that she knew the scope of what she was capable of as well as her limitations. None of that mattered when his mouth claimed hers. In his arms, the world melted away. Sensations and sounds, scents dissolved until there was only him. His taste on her lips. The rich musky scent of his arousal. The grip of his large hand on her hip and his fist in her hair. He drew her focus like no other thing in this world could. As for the danger … Bria realized as she further lost herself to his kisses, that the most dangerous thing in this world was the male in her arms and the way he made her feel.