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How to Date a Dragon

By:Ashlyn Chase

gether first.”

Bliss grinned, then remembered their new status. “Shoot. We need some kind of birth control. We don’t even have condoms.”

Drake rolled out of bed and strode over to her. He took her in his arms and said in a low voice, “Or we could take our chances. Either way, I’m okay with the consequences. Are you?”

Bliss didn’t have to think it over very long. Giving birth, taking care of, and loving Drake’s baby would make her happier than ever. Her mother would be insanely happy to babysit if Bliss couldn’t take the little tyke with her when she was needed elsewhere. And she could still make her cards during nap time.

“Yes. I’m fine with whatever happens too. Let’s take that shower together.”

“I’ll race you.”