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Dating A Dragon

By:Georgette St. Clair

thing to say. And I’ve never known her to be moody, either.”

“It’s not work,” Daisy continued. “She loves working for that event planning company. She wants a mate. We just need to find her the right guy.”

“I thought she said that she never wanted to settle down,” Wynona protested. “In fact, I specifically heard her say that.”

“No, she said she that she is never going to settle down. Not that she doesn’t want to. When she comes to visit me and looks at the other families’ cubs, she gets this look on her face…she wants a family.”

“But she hasn’t said that,” Wynona pointed out.

“Cadence is my best friend.” Daisy got a stubborn look on her face. “Just because she hasn’t said it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it.”

Wynona just raised an eyebrow and stared at Daisy.

“Seriously,” Daisy insisted.

“Based on your gut feeling?” She shook her head decisively. “No. I would need to have her contact me and ask me. And then of course I’d be happy to help her search for a mate, assuming that’s what she wants. She’s cute, she’s fun, she’s a loyal friend, she can mix a mean margarita. Heck, if I weren’t heterosexual and determined to die single, I’d fix myself up with her.”

“You do realize it’s weird to hear the founder of a mating agency say she’s going to die single.”

“It was also weird to throw a surprise birthday party for my mate and find him in the kitchen getting mouth-to-dick resuscitation from my best friend. Former best friend. Boy, was I surprised.” Wynona’s brow wrinkled. “But just because my marriage went down in spectacular flames doesn’t mean I can’t help others find love.”

“Like Cadence. Listen, it’s not just my gut feeling. I did a little snooping around.” Daisy assumed a self-righteous, determined expression. “Because I was worried about her.”

“What have you done?” Wynona’s tone was sharp.

At her rebuking tone, Daisy had the good grace to look a little embarrassed. “Okay, I maybe shouldn’t have done this, but the other day when I was at her house, I was in the living room and she was in the kitchen. And I heard the mailman deliver the mail through the kitchen door, and she swore kind of quietly but, you know, I’ve got that shifter hearing. So maybe I sneaked a peek through a crack in her kitchen door.”

Wynona’s frown lines deepened. “Because you were worried.”

“Exactly!” Daisy beamed at her. “Right? See what I good friend I am? I saw her open an envelope, look at the letter, and stuff it into her trash bin. Really far down. She hid it.”

“And? Then what did you do?”

Daisy sighed. “When she went to the bathroom, I went in and dug the letter out of the trash and looked at it real quick. It was from a fertility clinic! It said that she was exceptionally fertile.” She looked at Wynona appealingly. “See? So obviously she wants cubs! Why else would she do fertility testing, at her age?”

“Oh, Daisy, for heaven’s sake!” Wynona slapped her hands down on her desk. “Snooping on Cadence? Deciding that you’re a better judge of what she needs than she is? You sound like—”

Daisy sat bolt upright. “Don’t say it!”

“Harriet!” Wynona finished. Harriet was Daisy’s mother-in-law.

Daisy absolutely adored her, but nobody could deny that Harriet was an interfering busybody when it came to her family. She’d been so eager to make sure that Ryker found the right mate and gave her grandcubs that she had nearly ruined Ryker’s courtship. She had followed Daisy and Ryker around all over pack property, crashing his seduction attempts and generally making a nuisance of herself.

Daisy skewered her aunt with a narrow-eyed glare. “I. Will. Get. You. You’d better sleep with one eye open, woman. There will be revenge.”

“Well, I guess I’m doomed, then. You know where to find me.” Wynona turned on her computer and made a big show of ignoring Daisy. Then she glanced back up at her. “Do you need help getting up?”

“No, I do not.” Daisy grabbed the arm of the couch and used it for leverage. She climbed to her feet with wounded dignity, and no small amount of grunting and groaning. “I am coming back here with Cadence, and we will at least discuss having her set up an account here. You’ll see I’m right.”

“Sure thing, Dirty Harriet,” Wynona muttered as Daisy stalked out.

“I heard that!” Daisy yelled, and let the door slam shut behind her.

* * * * *

Orion glared at the pile of rare steaks in front of him and ignored the stares of the other diners. He knew that his choice of meal gave away what kind of shifter he was.

He was at the most expensive restaurant in Cedar Park, and he had just ordered ten filet mignons, with a side of twenty bread baskets. That said two things about him. One, he was able to afford to drop a couple thousand dollars on lunch. Two, he had an immense appetite; dragons needed to eat a lot to fuel their flame.

The diners were sneaking peeks that were a mix of fear and fascination. He had the ability to turn into a beast that was twenty feet long, and enough firepower to scorch a city block with one breath. So yeah, some humans and animal shifters were understandably a little nervous around dragons.

But not all.

He saw several women glancing his way speculatively. He ignored them, and to ensure that they didn’t approach him, he picked up a filet mignon with his hands and shoved it into his mouth, tearing into it with his teeth and devouring half of it in one gulp.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work to discourage two women in body-hugging cocktail gowns, who were striding towards him from the bar.

A brief glance showed that they were dressed to the nines and glaring hatred at each other.

He didn’t have to inspect them any further to see that they had dollar signs in their eyes. They looked at him and saw a very appealing sugar daddy. Dragons were legendary for their sexual appetites and also, of course, for their treasure hoards.

When they got closer to the table, he picked up his steak knife, stabbed it into a hun