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By:HJ Bellus

ming and highlighted my tan perfectly, but there’s something about the California sun I can’t seem to get enough of. It has a unique touch of warmth that I find addicting. I feel the tingle on the top of my shoulders as I stroll down the wide campus sidewalk, and just like on the inside of the dorms, there are more people loitering around outside.

I can guess most of them are student athletes since we tend to show up earlier than most to attend training camps and such. A second group of football players passes by me, and again I find myself scanning them from head to toe, mentally undressing them. Which isn’t a hard task since they’re only clothed in loose fitting gym shorts and shirtless, with sweat trickling down their tanned six packs.

Focus, Blue, focus, for fuck’s sake. It’s just a short stroll until I’m off campus and walking down a long chain of businesses ranging from strip malls with all sorts of retail stores to fast food. One small, red brick building has a line spilling out of it, so I choose that one. I mean, no one stands in line for shit, right? Well, let’s hope not.

Pulling my phone from my pocket, I check it for messages, and find several texts from my parents and one from Sophie.

Sophie: I’ll be there in about an hour. Be prepared to meet the most amazing person of your entire freaking life! Well, let’s hope you do, because if you don’t that means I’ve driven off a cliff, hence my annoying-ass mother and grandma Vitty driving me.

I chuckle at her text because I can hear her rambling on and on. The few times we chatted on the phone, the girl ran her mouth until my ears nearly bled, but her enthusiasm is contagious, I’ll give her that.

Quickly, I slide open my mom’s text and instantly bust out laughing. They sent random ridiculous pictures of them at different stops. I honestly have no idea how I turned out so normal as I study the picture of my dad riding a pink flamingo statue in front of a gas station.

“What’s so funny?”

One of those hot, delicious football players is studying me, boring a hole into my chest with his dreamy blue eyes. My jaw does that drop thing, leaving my mouth hanging wide open while my hands remain planted on my cellphone. Oh shit. Oh shit, I wonder if he’ll notice if I simply turn around and sprint like a motherfucker.

“Ethan, don’t scare the piss out of the poor girl.” Another dreamboat steps up, placing his hand on Ethan’s shoulder.

Automatically, my gaze flashes down, triple checking my crotch for piss dribbling down my legs. Phew, nothing…dry as dry.

“So, what was so funny?” He cocks his eyebrow at me and sends me a panty-melting smirk.

Guarantee, my panties are wet now.

“Oh, I’m, uh…” I hold up my phone and send the two men a quick smile. “I was just reading some texts and came across a ridiculous picture of my dad on a pink flamingo.”

Holy shit, Blue, that didn’t sound awkward at all.

“Nice.” He nods, approving of my answer.

“Ethan, you’re taken, and Stephie would slit your throat if she found you flirting.” The second man steps in front of Ethan, and damn if he isn’t even fucking dreamier than Ethan. “Hi, my name is Lane.”

He reaches out and offers a handshake.

“Oh, hi, I’m Blue.” I wave like an idiot asshole from Mars, avoiding flesh contact. I have no faith in my body and know it’s damn well possible I might melt in his touch.

He waves back with a goofy grin, more than likely mirroring mine. “You go to Preston?”

“Well, no, not yet. I mean yes. I’m a freshman and just settled into the dorms.”

“So, are you a braniac and show up to school two months early, or…?” The man’s sex appeal oozes off every single word. He’s more than dreamy.

Good hell, why can’t he just turn around and mind his own sexy damn business instead of assaulting me? His eyes and looks make me want to dry hump his leg.

“Um, duh, I play ball.” Joke, yes, it’s time to stop this guy’s tactics with good ol’ fashioned humor. “Recruited as a freshman and starting this year.”

“Oh.” He pauses a moment, scratching his head. “Sorry, I didn’t pick up on that.”

“Gotcha,” I shout and point my finger at him. “I’m on the cheer team and here for training camp.”

I decide to go with over-exaggerated humor to hide the fact I’m hot for him. A smile covers his face, and then he does the typical shit most people do when you tell them you’re a cheerleader. I follow his gaze as it roams up and down my body, from the tips of my toes peeking from my sandals to the top of my messy bun. I couldn’t help but notice when he let his eyes linger a little longer on my breasts.

I gesture ahead of him. “The line is moving and your friends are ditching you.”

“Want to join us?”

Carefully monitoring what comes out of my mouth, I speak very slowly. “No, it’s okay. I just came to grab lunch and then head back to meet my roommate.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Blue.”

“Same at ya, Lane.”

Mr. Sex on a Stick finally turns around to catch up to his teammates. Thank you, Jesus, my ovaries were about two seconds from imploding.

I hang back for a little bit, allowing two new parties to cut in line as a tactic of putting space between me and the testosterone tribe. After their lingering scents have faded, I’m able to focus on the menu hanging above the counter. It’s a large black chalkboard with your typical burgers, chicken strips, and salads scrawled all over it.

As I study the menu, I fan my face with my cellphone. Yeah, not the best tool for the job, but the tiny flow of air hitting my face begins to lightly cool me. The over-crowded diner is humid and hotter than Hades. And just my luck, the line stalls out a bit with the two new parties in front of me.

Booths and tables pepper the joint, along with an eclectic collection of artwork and black and white photography. There’s a catchy vibe floating in the small area, and I try to take in as much artwork as possible to distract myself from the sweat beads forming on my for