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Alyssa’s Wolves

By:Becca Jameson

ont of the house. He didn’t release Alyssa even though she squirmed to get out of his clutches.

“Well hello.” Tyler set his briefcase on the table and an excited Nelson on the floor. He smiled as he approached.

Something was up. Tyler looked far too happy for a man who’d been traveling most of the day.

Tyler kissed her lips and then wrapped an arm around her back, squeezing himself into the embrace she already had with Michael.

“What are you two up to?” Alyssa glanced from one to the other.

Tyler nuzzled her neck and then looked into her eyes. “I just quit my job.”

“What?” Alyssa’s heart beat rapidly. Could it be true? “Did you know about this?” She glanced at Michael, who nodded.

Tyler smiled. “I’ve been way overextended. Between you, the kids, and the farm, there wasn’t enough time for me to be traipsing all over the Northwest anymore.”

“What about the Oklahoma pack? You aren’t afraid of a threat from them anymore?” Alyssa bit her lip.

“Nope. It’s all over.” He grinned.

“What happened?” Alyssa gasped and squirmed to free herself from her mates’ clutches.

“Both of the Western Councils have been working hard to put an end to things. They finally had enough evidence to arrest Fredrick and several of his cronies this morning. I don’t know all the details. The information is still classified. But, whatever Wells was doing, it was illegal, and the councils are handling it personally.” Tyler’s smile broadened.

“Oh my God. That’s huge. What does this mean for us? Do you think we can reunite with our families?” She’d love to see her parents again. If they were willing. Would they be?

“I hope so. One day soon. It all depends on how all the dust settles as things calm down. It’s hard to tell right now who might step up to lead the pack and how receptive the members will be to some major changes—starting with the end of the practice of mating men to multiple women who aren’t even their true mates. Since neither your parents nor mine were in polygamist relationships, I’m hoping they will be open to reconciliation.”

She’d give anything to have this dream come true. Reuniting with her parents would make her day, her week, her year. The only thing better than that would be to have Tyler right here in their house where he belonged every day … unless doing so stomped on his dreams.

“Wait. Did you quit your job just for us? You loved that job.” Her pulse rate jumped. She didn’t want Tyler to stop doing what he loved if it made him miserable.

Tyler shook his head. “I love you more.” He smiled. “Besides, the farm is growing. With so many Masters working here, there is more and more to do, and Richard needs me far more than he used to.”

Michael squeezed her shoulder. “Dad needs a full-time financial guy here. He doesn’t know that end of the business very well, and the farm has grown too big to wing it any longer.”

“Think you can stand having me underfoot?” Tyler raised an eyebrow.

Alyssa beamed. “God yes.” She wiggled out of Michael’s arms and hugged Tyler as tight as she could. “My left side gets cold in the bed when you aren’t in it.”

“I can’t stand not being next to you when I sleep.” Tyler kissed her forehead and held her back a few inches. “You okay then?”

“Better than okay.” She couldn’t stop smiling. “Is this why we’re having the family over? A big announcement?”

“Yep. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.” Michael snuggled her from behind. He tugged her long hair and pulled her head back. He kissed her forehead while Tyler nibbled her neck.

She was truly blessed.

The End