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Rebecca’s Wolves

By:Becca Jameson

weet bundle of love in her belly would wait. She had to. It wasn’t her time.

Tomorrow was soon enough to welcome her into the world.

“Do you suppose he looks like me or Griffen?” Miles asked, his hand stroking her belly.

Griffen chuckled deep. “If the little fellow’s ugly, then you’ll just have to back off while I claim our mate’s pussy for a while. Sooner or later we’ll get a handsome one.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. Would they never stop with the posturing over whose sperm won this race? It didn’t matter to her. And she knew deep down it didn’t matter to them either.

But she did remind them of the promise they’d made her nearly nine months ago. “Don’t forget there will be no sperm anywhere near my eggs for several months. You both promised I could finish my Spartan trifecta this fall. And I’m holding you to it.”

Griffen kissed the top of her head again. “Of course, baby. You shall race. I even got new shoes so I could train with you.”

She smiled at her belly, watching the rise and fall as her daughter squirmed around inside. Naturally, neither of her men intended for her to race alone. That would be asking too much. She didn’t care though. She loved having them with her. Both of them. Either of them.

She lifted her gaze. “Love you both so much.”

Griffen kissed her lips. “Love you too, baby. With my entire soul.”

“Me too, love. Me too.” Miles lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles.