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Rebecca’s Wolves

By:Becca Jameson

I’ll kick your ass. She’s going to freak.”

Zachary looked back and forth between Griffen and the bathroom before he spoke. “Exactly how long do you think you can possibly keep this little secret? Are you crazy?”

Griffen shrugged. “At least two days.”

Trace laughed. Hard. He bent at the waist and let it loose. “Of course. Sure. That’s exactly how I’ve heard it works. And don’t forget about the two nights that come between the days.” He laughed harder.

“Stop it.” Griffen gritted his teeth. “They’ll be back any second.” He grabbed Trace’s arm and tugged him upright. “I’m serious. Do not say a word about this.” He met everyone’s gaze. “Any of you. She’s human, and we’re stuck together for the weekend. There’s no way she could possibly understand this.” There’s no way I can possibly understand this.

Besides, something niggled in the back of his mind. He couldn’t explain it and wouldn’t even try, but claiming the woman immediately wasn’t in the cards. He needed to wait, get to know her over the weekend. Fate may have put Rebecca in his path, but She didn’t intend for Griffen to stake his claim too quickly. Intuition? He wasn’t sure, but he would follow his instinct.

Trace tugged his arm free. His smile was still huge. “Good luck with that.”

Chapter Three

If Rebecca thought the behavior of Sharon’s brothers was odd before she went to the restroom, it was weirder when she reemerged. The one she’d met first who she knew to be the oldest, Griffen, had his lips pursed and was scowling at the ground if she wasn’t mistaken. The other three, on the contrary, chuckled to themselves.

It was uncanny how much they looked alike—all four with thick, wavy, dark hair and eyes the color of milk chocolate. They were buff, tall, and tan. Their differences were so subtle it would take days for her to tell them apart.

“I don’t know what’s up with my brothers,” Sharon mumbled. “Ignore them while they act like idiots.”

Ah, so it’s not just me. Hmmm.

Ignoring them was a fantastic idea. Except it was nearly impossible. They were all four smokin’ hot. And her hand still tingled from Griffen’s touch. It had been like an electric shock. No wonder Sharon didn’t like to share her friends with them. Rebecca could see why.

Yes. And you need to shake this off immediately before you become one of those errant horrible friends.

When they got back to the men, Rebecca heaved her backpack off the ground and shrugged into it. As she bent down to retie her hiking boot, she watched Griffen gather his belongings out of the corner of her eye.

Yep. He was definitely odd. Was it something she said?

His brow was furrowed, and if she wasn’t mistaken, he was holding his breath. As she stood, Griffen righted himself. “Everybody ready?” He met all their gazes one at a time, finishing with Rebecca.

A chill raced down her spine as he stared at her. His deep brown eyes seemed to hold a secret, and she was pretty sure she didn’t want to know what it was.

Finally, as they started to walk, he spoke. “Did Sharon fill you in on our plans?”

Rebecca nodded. “More or less. I’m easy.”

He sucked in a sharp breath at those words. Didn’t he?

And why did she have to go and say something so stupid?

“We’ll cover about five miles this afternoon and then stop and camp. It’s rigorous.” He narrowed his gaze, glancing up and down her frame as though assessing whether or not she could make the trek.

“No problem.” She was determined to show no outward signs of fatigue, even if she felt them. Hell, she would likely keep going with a rock in her shoe and a bloody toe at this point. No way in hell did she want this man or any of his brothers to think she couldn’t hack it.

“Tomorrow we cover the next five miles to the summit, rest, and then head back down to the camping area. Sunday, we finish the last five back to the cars.”

“Got it.” She lifted her gaze to take in the gorgeous day. Anything to avoid eye contact with the brooding hunk of man standing too close to her. She was looking forward to enjoying the summer vegetation on the hike—tall firs, pines, and wildflowers. She inhaled slowly, taking in the rich scent of pine.

Sharon came up beside her brother and bumped her hip into his. “Jesus, Griffen. She’ll be fine. Stop trying to scare her and start hiking.” Sharon rounded to Rebecca’s side and rolled her eyes. “Sorry,” she mouthed.

Rebecca didn’t know what to make of these brothers, but even if they were assholes, it would almost be worth it to watch their asses as they hiked.

The first part of the trail was narrow, and Rebecca fell into step behind Griffen. Holy shit. He wore loose khaki hiking pants that fit him to perfection and made her drool over his firm butt and thick thighs. He should be illegal.

She could hear the other three up ahead chatting among themselves. They seemed to be enjoying a private joke between them since she couldn’t hear their words, but they kept chuckling. She prayed it wasn’t at her expense.

They had no reason, unless they all four predetermined she would be a hindrance to their weekend. The idea only gave her more motivation to ensure they understood her abilities, and fast.

Sharon brought up the rear for the first fifteen silent minutes until Griffen stopped and turned around abruptly. He stepped off the path. “Sorry. Don’t know what I was thinking.” He gave a sweep of his arm so Rebecca and Sharon could pass. “Please. I’ll take the end of the line.”

Ah, so chivalry was alive and well in the Masters family after all. Not that Rebecca needed or expected such chivalry, but it was nice to know Griffen had manners.

Sharon passed Rebecca with another eye roll. “I’ll lead. It seems my other brothers have decided to dash ahead. Posturing no doubt.”

Griffen grunted behind her. “Don’t bet on it,” he mumbled.

It had been easier to hike behind Griffen, staring at his ass, than this new arrangement where he was now at her rear. Not