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Rebecca’s Wolves

By:Becca Jameson

face-off with Sharon when she pleaded her case.”

Trace chuckled. “Dude, you’re such a pushover when it comes to her. Admit it.”

He shrugged. This was true. He couldn’t deny it.

As he lifted his backpack and turned toward the foot of the path, Sharon’s sporty, white four-door sedan pulled into the gravel lot. Good. The last thing Griffen needed was for his brothers to start grumbling about the women being late.

Sharon and her friend climbed out of the car and grabbed their belongings from the backseat while Griffen watched from several yards away. He blinked as Rebecca leaned over to pick up her pack. Her tight ass was sexy as hell, and her thighs and the rest of her long lean legs were right up there with her butt. She was indeed fit, as Sharon told him.

When she stood and turned in his direction, he swallowed hard. She wore her long auburn hair in two braids that made her look younger than twenty-four, although long didn’t really describe her hair. If it wasn’t braided, he suspected it would reach past her butt. As he watched, she tossed the two thick braids over her shoulders and shrugged into her backpack. Her tank top stretched tight over her chest, giving Griffen a fantastic idea of what her breasts were like beneath.

Damn. He hadn’t considered the idea Sharon’s friend would be sexy.

And then she smiled. Her full lips stretched across her face, showing off perfect white teeth and cute dimples on each cheek. Her skin was like porcelain, smooth and white with a scatter of freckles on her nose. She obviously kept the sunscreen industry in business with that complexion. Golden highlights in her hair sparkled in the afternoon sun.

She sauntered toward Griffen next to Sharon.

Griffen was aware of his brothers at his back, but they were amazingly quiet. Did they find her as attractive as Griffen did? He had a sudden surge of jealousy, as though he owned first right of refusal or something by being the oldest or having known her name before any of the others. He shook the ridiculous thought from his head.

A breeze blew across the parking lot at the same time as the ladies stepped closer.

Griffen inhaled at just the right moment to catch Rebecca’s scent.

For several heartbeats he stood frozen in his spot, unable to exhale that breath or blink. His eyes widened. He knew his mouth fell open. But the rest of his body was stuck in time.

“Hey, guys. This is Rebecca,” Sharon said as the two of them came to a stop a few feet from Griffen.

“Hi.” Rebecca gave a short wave in the general direction of all of them, her green eyes alight with friendliness. “It might take me a while to get your names straight. Sharon was quizzing me in the car, but she failed to mention that you all look alike.” She giggled.

Griffen still hadn’t breathed. He was afraid to. As long as he kept himself from inhaling ever again, perhaps he could avoid what he knew deep inside was true.

Rebecca Larson was his mate.

The sweet tinkle of her voice made his cock stiffen. Then she stuck out a hand. “Which one are you?”

Shit. Shit shit shit.

Griffen stared at her outreached fingers as if he were mentally challenged. No way in hell could he touch her. He still hadn’t exhaled. In fact, he was getting lightheaded.

Rebecca’s smile fell slightly, spurring him into action.

He had no choice. Common courtesy shook him from his stupor. Besides, there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to change fate. It was destined. This woman was his. He exhaled slowly and reached out to grasp her hand. An electric current ran between them as he found one word, “Griffen.” His voice didn’t sound at all like him. And as he took another breath, he confirmed what he already knew to be true.

Rebecca felt the spark also. He could tell by the way she sucked in a sharp breath, her eyes wide, and then she composed herself. “Nice to meet you.” Her smile reappeared, but her eyes narrowed slightly as though confused.

No wonder…his behavior was odd.

She tugged her hand, and that’s when he realized he still held her. Reluctantly, he released his grip and followed her gaze to his three brothers behind him.

Sharon gave Griffen a hard glare he knew well. Don’t even fucking think about hitting on my friend. Off limits. He could read all that in her expression. No translation was needed.

Trace stepped forward. “I’m Trace. And this is Zachary and Logan. There will be a quiz later.” He chuckled as he took her hand.

Griffen spun to face him, giving him the same stare he’d just gotten from Sharon.

Trace furrowed his brow and stepped back a pace, releasing Rebecca’s hand too quickly.

Sharon pointed toward the restrooms at the base of the trail. “I’m going to use the facilities one last time before I’m stuck with squatting in the woods.” She dropped her pack on the ground.

“I’ll go with you.” Rebecca granted the men another quick smile, set her backpack next to her friend’s, and followed her toward the small building.

“What the hell was that all about?” Trace asked as soon as the women were out of earshot.

Griffen shook his head. “Nothing.” He glanced away.

“Like fuck. I can feel the imprint of your hand on my cheek as though you slapped me.” Trace glanced back at the restroom. The girls had already stepped inside. He did a double take between Griffen and the restroom before slowly turning back to face Griffen with a sly grin. “Oh, this is rich.”

“What?” Zachary asked in confusion. “What the hell is going on with you two?”

Trace crossed his arms over his chest and stood taller. “I believe our older brother has just bit the dust.”

“Bit the dust?” asked Logan.

“She’s your mate, isn’t she?” Trace cut to the chase.

Griffen’s shoulders slumped, and he kicked the dirt around at his feet. He didn’t respond.

“Awesome,” Logan said.

Griffen shot him a glance. “Not fucking awesome.” He glanced at the bathroom and lowered his voice. “And don’t fucking say anything to Sharon, or