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Dirty Daddy

By:Alexis Angel

's displaying on the Jumbotron is slowly panning over the crowd, and people are cheering when they see their faces—until it pans over to the skybox and they see that I'm fucking Mandy doggie style, straight on the Jumbotron.

That's fucking right. Its got me right there, on a 33 foot by 110 foot screen. My head is bobbing and Mandy’s face is grimacing.

At first, people don't know what to fucking make of it. I mean, this has got to be the largest porno viewing in the history of the fucking world.

But after numerous sex tapes, countless scandals, Presidents who marry their stepmothers, and a host of other situations, the sexual mores of Americans have changed. They're not scandalized by my fucking the shit out of Mandy.

They're appreciative.

At least, that's what the cheers are telling me! Literally, people are standing up and cheering me on!

Okay, you got me. I was worried for a fucking second. I was worried that people were going to start to do the same old bullshit and call me a bad role model.

But wait, I forgot. I'm Magnus fucking Davion. I can do any fucking thing I want.

With a roar, I push against the glass door that leads out to the terrace. Part of the renovation took some of the floor-to-ceiling glass wall and made it into a door and added a small terrace.

The door swings open and the tint from the glass goes away on the Jumbotron. The camera zooms in and I'm larger than life looking down on the stadium at 150,000 fans who are screaming and swooning.

I raise my heavily tattooed arm and point out at the stadium.

The crowd goes fucking wild.

Mandy opens her eyes and looks out the window. The first thing she sees is herself bent over a table except now her face is 30 feet by 110 feet.

"Oh God," she moans, "Everyone can see us!"

She whimpers and the thought of being so public makes her body spasm and convulse and I know another orgasm has just ripped through her.

I don't fucking blame her. I'm about to cum myself.

But something seems incomplete as thoughts of cum race through my head.

I figure it out.

Why cum into a condom when I'm in front of this many fucking people?

That's right. I need something dramatic.

I pull out of Mandy.

Already the crowd is beginning to chant, as if they realize what is about to happen.

"Cum on her! Cum on her! Cum on her!"

Little fucking grandmothers with foam fingers are pointing at me, telling me to do my fucking job as a man.

Mandy knows what's going on, and as if in a trance, she slides down to her knees and faces my cock. She does not put her back to the crowd and they can still see her as she pulls the condom from my cock and flings it off the terrace onto the fans below.

If this isn't like being a fucking god, I don't know what is. Mandy wraps her lips around my tip and sucks.

I groan.

"Cum on her! Cum on her!" the crowd continues to chant.

I see Mandy staring at me as she removes her mouth and begins to stroke my shaft.

Those slutty eyes are the last things I see as my mind goes blank and a seizure of pleasure grips my balls, and electricity jolts through my body.

Arcs of white, hot, thick cum race out of my cock and onto her face.

A thick rope splashes her on the chin. Another hits her neck. Her beautiful, slutty eyes are staring at me and milking me as two shots cover her forehead. Cum starts to drip down her. She opens her mouth and a shot of ropey, thick cum goes in. Another few shots hit her tits and cover her with semen.

The crowd goes wild, cheering me on as I finish spraying the cheerleader before me with my cum.

She begins to scoop it off her tits with one finger and bring it to her lips. I groan as I see her take one long swab of cum on her index finger and bring it to her lips.

My cock twitches again.

The Jumbotron captures it.

The crowd starts to chant my name. I wave and take Mandy’s hand and lift her to her feet. We both bow.

The crowd goes fucking wild; the roar is deafening.

Welcome to my life.

Want to keep reading?

I guarantee you, if you do, you'll be following me into something that makes this seem like a boring walk in the park.

But you won't know till you come find out.


The New York Daily Journal

It’s Time for Us To Come Together!

Gossip Central on Page Eight. From the Desk of Vicky Durner - All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!

Good morning Gotham!

Hope you enjoy a nice spraying of cum on your face with that coffee and toast! Because that's exactly what we got yesterday with Magnus Davion at the New York Nailers arena.

In case you just spit out your coffee reading the above line, fear not, brave denizen of New York City. You did read that correctly.

Billionaire real estate mogul Magnus Davion was so happy with his recent purchase of the New York Nailers that he went ahead and began to celebrate by having sex in the skybox of the stadium—during a home game.

I know that in the Tri-State region we try to give billionaires their due. After all, they've managed to accrue all this money so it's only natural that we give them an opportunity to enjoy it. But honestly, if you're going to be enjoying it by sticking your giant rod into the head cheerleader of the team that you bought in the skybox of the stadium where there is a game going on, maybe think about closing the blinds?

Because it didn't take long for the cameras to find Magnus. And when this showman found himself on the JumboTron, did he shy away?

Of course not.

He doubled down.

And sprayed the cheerleader in the face with his love gun. To the cheers of over 50,000 fans.

I'm sorry, but I thought I was going to stadiums to watch football games. I didn't realize I was going to Nailers Arena to watch the live re-enactment of Debbie Does Dallas.

Is this really the kind of environment we want our kids to grow up in?

Do we really want the next generation of Ne