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Her Billionaires_ Boxed Set

By:Julia Kent

ggled up to them, helping to ease Laura onto her side, her body limp with the feeling of being wrung out, a joyous song of satiety humming in her head.

As their breathing returned to a normal pace, Laura looked first at Dylan, then at Mike, then at the window, moonlight smiling in on them. Finally.

Finally she had what she wanted. Exactly what she wanted.

Sigh. Almost.

“OK, boys,” she commanded, arms folded up under her head, the gesture one of authority. “Which one of you is going to give me a foot massage, and which one of you will make the salted caramel ice cream run?”

Mike looked out the window with a forlorn look on his face. “But it’s snowing! And a twenty minute drive to the nearest store.” The look he shot her said what are you talking about?

She pulled her hands out from under her head and clapped twice. “Then get to it!” Settling back down, she let a deep, satisfied sigh flow through. “Now I see why I need two men.”

Cold hands touched her feet, Dylan already at her bidding with the massage, laughing at Mike. “Too slow!”

“I don’t wanna—it’s cold—are you kidding?” Mike pleaded. Even so, he seemed to know the argument was lost, reluctantly standing and throwing on his pants.

She pointed to her belly. “Does it look like I’m kidding?”

“Fine. Salted caramel? A pint?”

She nodded, then stopped. “No! Make it two. It’s going to be a long couple of days and I don’t want you leaving for one second longer than you need to.” She batted her eyelashes as Dylan worked on her feet.

“Anything else?” Mike held his smart phone, ready to type. “A list? Because I don’t want to have to leave again.” A lascivious smile consumed his face. Laura liked it.

“Nope! Simple list. Ice cream.”

“Easy,” Dylan said, nodding approval.

“That’s right,” she sighed, winking at Mike as he shrugged on his coat. Mike kissed her forehead and shot Dylan a promise of future revenge as Laura lay in bed, stretching.

The baby kicked in agreement as Dylan laughed. “A girl could get used to this.”

“That’s right,” he said, working on her arch. “It’s never complicated—anymore.”